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Kur Jūs labāk gribētu redzēt informāciju par savu pensijas 1. un 2. līmenī uzkrāto kapitālu?

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VSAA nodaļā

Mani tas neinteresē

  • Children free for adoption Part IV (20.04.2007)

1.     Is not adoptable

2.     Is not adoptable

3.     Not adoptable

4.     Not adoptable

5.     Is not adoptable

6.     Is not adoptable

7. Youngest brother, born on 14th July, 2003 (adoptable seperately):

  • youngest  brother  has dark blue eyes, light hair, obstinate, mobile,  smiling,  warmhearted, likes to play with Lego, likes music and dancing;
  • medical  diagnosis  –  presumable  aftereffects  of perinatal encephalopathy –  myopia I;
  • further medical treatment – commendable to continue lessons of speech  therapist,  neurological  treatment,  consultations of ophthalmologist   2   times   per   year,   consultations   of psychologist;
  • there  is a court judgment about deprivation of the rights of parental  authority for parents in year 2006, both parents use alcohol;
  • brothers  have  three adult sisters and three adult brothers, the  decision  concerning  children’s  separation  in  case of adoption is made.

8. Have been adopted

9. Are not adoptable

10. Is not adoptable

11. Is not adoptable

12. Is not adoptable

13. Is not adoptable

14.  Are not adoptable

15. Is not adoptable

16. Is not adoptable

17. Is not adoptable

18. Are not adotable

19. Is not adoptable

20. Is not adoptable

21. Is not adoptable

22. Is not adoptable

23. Is not adoptable

24. Is not adoptable

25. Is not adoptable

26. Not adoptable

27. Girl, born on 23rd January, 2002:

  • brown eyes, black hair, primitive, lack of emotions, weak perception about toys, poor interest about everything what is around her, puts everything in her mouth, cognitive process happens through mouth, needs to be fed, sits, crawls, rises to her feet, has stereotyped movements. Girl was born to 43 years old mother, from fifth pregnancy, third delivery, with weight 1510g and height 39cm.
  • medical diagnosis - trysomy of 21st chromosome, heavy mental backwardness (F 72.0), low physical development, toxic nephritic damage, esotropy, rotator nystagmus, OD-hypermetrophy, OS-myopia, invalidity has been stated;
  • further medical treatment - lessons with speech therapist and teacher, exercises with physiotherapist and massagist, consultations of oculist, nephrologist, psychiatrist;
  • there is a court judgment about deprivation of the rights of parental authority for parents in year 2005;
  • there are three adult sisters.


28. Not adoptable

29. Boy, born on 2nd June, 2000:

  • grey eyes, brown hair, psychologically troublesome, does not talk, everything rises unrest, uses diapers, needs care, surveillance;
  • medical diagnosis - heavy mental backwardness (F 72.0), aftereffects from antenatal central nervous system damage, morbus dauni, invalidity has been stated;
  • further medical treatment - specific care, surveillance day and night;
  • there is a court judgment about deprivation of the rights of parental authority for parents in year 2004;
  • there is older brother, under parent's care, the decision concerning children's separation in case of adoption is made.


30. Girl, born on 20th April, 2000:

  • girl  has  blue  eyes,  grayish  brown  hair  color,  active, joyful,
  • relatively overbearing, noncompliant;
  • medical  diagnosis  –  practically  healthy, I health group, speech development delay;
  • further medical treatment  –  surveillance of family doctor, speech therapy correction;
  • there is a court judgment about deprivation of the rights of parental authority for parents in year 2006;
  • there is one  adult  brother, one  younger brother and four older sisters,  the  decision  concerning  children’s separation in case of adoption is made.

31. Have been adopted

32. Not adoptable

33. Has been adopted

34. Is not adoptable

35. Is not adoptable

36. Not adoptable

37. Is not adoptable

38. Boy, born on 12th August, 2004:

  • boy has dark grey eyes, blond, thin hair, behaviour is chaotic, inadequate to situation, in communication with others is unpredictable, does not play with toys, aggressive to all obstacles, who are located at his range of vision, breaks them, throws, rends, is aggressive to younger, walks on his own, but shaky, does not understand speech, does not have vocabulary, does not talk, does not respond to his own name, slowly begins to acquire self service skills, can hold spoon by himself, but needs to be fed anyway, required continual surveillance of carers. Boy was born to 29 years old mother from second pregnancy, second delivery, with weight 2349g, height 49cm, cranial perimeter 30cm, perimeter of chests 29cm, after scale of Apgare 7/8 points. Boy has started to sit at the age of 13 months, crawl from 16 months, walk on his own from 20 months, first teeth have appeared at the age of 7 months. At the age of 2 years wight 8600g, height 86cm, cranial perimeter 43cm, perimeter of chests 45cm;
  • medical diagnosis - status after hypoxiacal ischemiacal cerebropathy, light crampy terapareze, speech and mental development backwardness, atopical dermatitis, remission, low physical development, alcohol fetophathy (phenotipical), hypermethropy, inborn ampliopia, invalidity had been stated for the boy from 18th October, 2006, until 31st October, 2008;
  • further medical treatment - surveillance of family doctor, consultations of neurologist and psychiatrist, hypoallergenic food;
  • there is a court judgment about deprivation of the rights of parental authority for mother in year 2006, paternity has not been stated. Mother was at follow-up by psychiatrist from year 1995, was under treatment repeatedly, was using alcohol, invalidity had been stated, has not showed an interest about children, has not visited the child;
  • there is older brother, who is under grandmother's guardianship, and a younger sister, the decision concerning children's separation in case of adoption is made.

39. Boy has been adopted

40. Is not adoptable

41. Has been adopted

42. Are not adoptable

43. Not adoptable

44. Not adoptable

45. Have been adopted

46. Girl, born on 3rd of May 2002:

  • blue and grey eyes, light brown hair, very accurate, takes care of her belongings, very capricious, takes offence very quickly, likes singing and dancing;
  • medical diagnosis - somatically almost healthy, speech disorders, psychomotor backwardness;
  • further medical treatment - psychiatrist and psychologist consultations, treatment, lessons with speech therapist, ophthalmologist consultations;
  • in November 2006, parents have been deprived from custody rights on their children. Parents do not show interest on their children, they visited them a couple of times in the care centre before the court, later they did not show interest at all;
  • girl has an elder sister who has been adopted in Latvia, also brother and elder sister who have been adopted abroad in September 2013. Decision has been made concerning the separation of children in case of adoption.

47. Unavailable

48. Not adoptable

49. Has been adopted

50. Have been adopted

51. Has been adopted


If there is information at your disposal about family or person who complies with the requirements stated in article 15 of the Convention and who would be interested to get personally acquainted with any of these children or obtain additional information and photos, we ask to inform the Ministry about that.


At the same time we want to inform that tidings about the children has been furnished to Central Authorities and accredited bodies of several countries, therefore information about the child will be given to that institution who will be the first to inform the Ministry about a family or person who shows an interest about starting an adoption process of the child.


Paegle +371 67356497

Balcere +371 67356497