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  • Children free for adoption Part VI (30.06.2008)

AAA Associazione Adozioni Alfabeto Onlus, Italy
AGAPE`-Onlus, Italy
Agenzia Regionale per le Adozioni Internazionali,
Regione Piemonte, Italy
Agenzia Amici dei Bambini, Italy
Agence Francaise de l`Adoption, France
Office federal de la Justice, Switzerland
Parents-Child-Bridge, Germany
Sachsisches Landesamt fur Familie und Soziales, Germany
Landschaftsverband Westfalen - Lippe (LWL) Landesjugendamt und Westfälische Schulen Zentrale Adoptionsstelle, Germany
GZA (Gemeinsame Zentrale Adoptionsstelle), Germany
ZABB (Zentrale Adoptionsstelle Berlin-Brandenburg beim Landesjugendamt Brandenburg), Germany
Ministry of Children and Family Development, Canada
Ministeri de Salut, Benestar Social I Familia, Andora
Ministerio de Trabajo y asuntos sociales, Spain
Children's Issues at the U.S. Department of State,
United States of America
Swedish Intercountry Adoptions Authority (MIA), Sweden
International Family Law Branch, Australia

Information on adoptable children

Ministry for Children and Family Affairs (henceforth - the Ministry), appreciating former cooperation in scope of adoption and considering that every child has rights to live in a family, according to realization of  the Convention of Hague on Protection of Children and Co-operation in respect of Intercountry Adoption (henceforth - the Convention) in Latvia, according to article 16 of the Convention would like to provide information on adoptable children free for adoption into a foreign family for whom the families are searched for:

1. Boys have been adopted

2. Are not adoptable

3. Has been adopted       

4. Has been adopted

5. Adopted

6. Not adoptable

7.  Girl, born on 23rd of July 2001:

  • the girl has blue eyes, blond hair. Girl has a serious interferences of mental development, but it does not bother to contact with a foster family and class mates. Girl is lovely, kindhearted, very talkative, gladly plays with younger children. Gladly dances and sings at school, but is not ready for studies, cannot concentrate. Sometimes at night cannot hold urine, thus pampers are used during nights. The child was born to a mother at the age of 29 years, from the 3rd pregnancy and 3rd accouchement with a weight of 3090g, height 50cm. Accouchement on the 40th week of pregnancy physiological, 8/9 point by scale of Apgar, from the 1st day the child was fed with breast, was made a NSG – structures of brain are differenced. Child started to sit at the age of 12 months, to walk at the age of 18 months, started to speak at the age of 4 years – a several words, the child is backwarded in her development from the birth, language started to develop only after 4 years. The girl wants to live together with her sister and brother;
  • medical diagnosis – medium heavy mental backwardness, delay of language development, enuresis, encoprosis. There is a invalidity stated for the girl since 18th of September of 2006;
  • further necessary treatment – necessary lessons of a speech therapist for development of language;
  • there is a court judgment of January of year 2008 about deprivation of the rights of parental authority for parents, because of parents` often usage of alcohol children were left without attention and they were left in dangereous conditions of a health and life, as a result the younger son (born on 17th of December, 2002) drowned. Mother do not visit children, rarely gives a call, father is in the prison;
  • the girl has have one major brother and one major sister.

8.  Are not adoptable

9. Not adoptable

10.  Is not adoptable

11.  Is not adoptable

12. Have been adopted

13.  Boy, born on 17th of October 2004:

  • blue eyes, blond hair, little emotional, is able to walk independently, but orientation in space is interfered. Significant retention of motor and mental development, syndrome of neuroreflecteur agitation, steretypic actions. Child was born to a mother at the age of 32 years. Boy started to sit and to crawl at the age of 11 months, to walk independently at the age of 21 month, first tooth came out at the age of 9 months. Problems with feeding, has no active speech;
  • medical diagnosis - mental backwardness with of undifferenced level with signs of autism, delay of language development, hypermetropia;
  • further necessary treatment - therapy of physiotherapist, speech therapist, montesori, orofacial and music;
  • there is a court judgment of September of year 2006 about deprivation of the rights of parental authority for parents. Mother has not visited and interested about him since November 2005. Nobody from relatives has interested or visited him;
  • boy has one minor sister, who is under guardianship of garndmother, girl is informed about brother, but has not met with him and has not expressed the wish to do so, Orphans` court decision concerning children separation in case of adoption is made.

14.  Not adoptable

15.  Has been adopted

16.  Boy, born on 9th of May 2001:

  • boy has a grey eyes, light hair. Boy has been placed in the institution of out-of-family care in the year 2007, attends a special preschool institution, where he is 5 days in a week. Psychic development of a child do not correspond to his age, boy is hardly reachable in contacts, does not orients in time, do not know his birth data, given exercises understands partly, thetemp of work is slow, sometimes he shrinks into himself. Child separates colours form the basic spectrum, but cannot name them, does not know how to count, attention is unstable, spontaneous, mostly unwilful, can concentrate during the instructive game, but not for a long time, builds form blocks, can name parts of his body. By the character boy is calm, is not aggressive, infantil, emotional background is declined, mimicry is insignificant, bad coordination of movements. In the group boy feels safe, contacts with children, never disturbs playing of other children, do not offends others, does not conflicts. Do not plays role-plays, in conflict situations cannot defend himself, uncertain, dependent from adults, has become more opened, lippy, makes interest about other people, books, toys. Skills of culture and hygiene realizes with a help and control of an adult. In the group grandmother visits him, with who he has a good relations, boy has been under grandmothers guardianship during years 2003 up to 2007. Child needs a systematic surveilance of a psychiatrist, individual educational approach and progressive environment, where the childs` development can be provided due to his specific character of individual development;
  • medical diagnosis - funktional cardial murmur, mental backwardness. Invalidity for a child is stated;
  • further necessary treatment - attendance of a special preschool institution, consultations of psychiatrist;
  • mother of a boy has deceased in years 2003, father has deceased in year 2004;
  • boy has one minor sister, Orphans` court decision concerning children separation in case of adoption is made.

17. Not adoptable

18. Unavailable

19. Not adoptable

20. Is not adoptable

21. Unavailable

22. Is not adoptable

23. Is not adoptable

24. Unavailable

25. Not Adoptable

26. Are not adoptable

27. Unavailable

28. Not adoptable

29. Not Adoptable

30. Girl, born on 31st of May 2004:

  • she has brown eyes and hair, she was born to a 23 years old mother in her third pregnancy, in her third delivery with the weight of 2450 g and height of 47 cm, she started sitting at the age of 13 months, crawling when she was 1 year and 8 months old, walking without assistance at the age of 1year and 10 months, first teeth came out when she was 8, 5 months old. The girl is emotional, likes individual attention, likes when someone occupies with her, sometimes whining. The general development of the girl has been retarded; girl is mutual sensoneural partially-deaf in serious stage. Child doesn't speak, doesn't walk, she doesn't control where she is going or what she wants to do;
  • medical diagnosis - the backwardness of psychomotor development, mutual sensoneural partially-deaf in serious stage, B 20 (the infection of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)); the backwardness in serious stage with the indices of autism;
  • further medical treatment - the surveillance by audiologue, the use of hearing aid, the surveillance by neurologist and psychiatrist, continue the control in AIDS center of Latvia;
  • by the court verdict parents have been deprived from custody rights in April 2006, the paternity is not determined;
  • the girl has one elder sister and brother, who are in the guardianship of their grandfather and two younger brothers - one of them lives with the parents, one lives in other out-of-family care center. A decision of the Orphans Court on children separation in case of adoption has been made.

31. Boy, born on 16th of December 2006:

  • boy has brown eyes and hair, he likes toys, he contacts emotionally with other persons. He was born to a 28 years old mother, in the 39th week of pregnancy, in her first pregnancy, in her first delivery with the weight of 4280g, 6/8/8 points by Apgar scale, after the birth the situation with child was critical. At the age of 9 months he can roll from his back to his belly, he wants to catch the toy, has an eye contact, he eats slowly when he is spoon-fed. Child doesn't walk and talk, is attendant;
  • medical diagnosis - organic damage of central nervous system, communicative hydrocephaly, the delay of psychomotor development;
  • the invalidity has been established in 2007;
  • further medical treatment - the exercises with physiotherapist, massages, the therapy of strabismus, the exercises with speech therapist, continue taking medical remedies of cramps Senobarbital;
  • by the court verdict parents have been deprived from custody rights in the October 2007;
  • the boy doesn't have any siblings.

32. Has been adopted

33. The girl has been adopted

34. Girl, born on 22nd of December 2004:

  • grey eyes and hair. She was born to a 33 years old mother, in her twelfth pregnancy, in her third delivery with the weight of 2050g, height of 43 cm, 7/7 points by Apgar scale. She started sitting at the age of 25 months, crawling when she was 24 months old, talking at the age of 15 months. The girl is emotionally active, she reacts to her name, she gets around by crawling, she catches toys, but this activity is manipulative. She has no vocabulary; she stands up with support, and eats only minced food. Child is calm and patient;
  • medical diagnosis - multiple anomalies of development. Scoliosis in breast - waist area of the 2nd degree. Agenesis of the corpus callosum, hemangioma on the right thigh, fetopathy alcohol, troubles of physical and psychical development. Respiratory affective attacks, low physical development. Protein- energetic deficiency, OU mixed astigmatism. The invalidity has been establish until 31st March 2010;
  • further medical treatment - the surveillance by family doctor and neurologist, control by oculist, she is in psychiatrist's register. Special activities, special menu, control by surgeon;
  • the mother died in 2006, by the court verdict father has been deprived from custody rights in April 2007;
  • child has three elder sisters, one of them is major, one of them lives in out-of-family care institution, one is in guardianship. A decision of the Orphans Court on children separation in case of adoption has been made.

35. Not adoptable

36. Is not adoptable

37. Is not adoptable

38. Has been adopted

39. Girl, born on 26th of April, 2001:

  • light blue eyes, light brown hair. The development of the girl has been delayed; she studies in special nursery school, for the children with mental backwardness. Instruction goes very slow, the working capacities are short termed, she can't concentrate for studies. There is a decision to prolong the pre-school training for one more year, because the girl has poor knowledge, bad success in studies and general immaturity for school. Girl evasively takes part in games, just a little bit joins the games of other children, and prefers playing alone with soft-toys and LEGO. The culture-hygienic skills are partly developed, she does the personal hygiene, complies the table culture. Girl is physically very weak, she has weak fine hand and finger musculature and coordination of muscles; also weak stand. Girl sleeps badly, before falling asleep, she swings. When girl was 2 years and 6 months old, police took her out from biologic family as she lived in dangerous conditions for her life and health, parents were abusing alcoholic drinks in the apartment, there were the violence among the members of the family, there is no information if the child has suffered from the violence;
  • medical diagnosis - F 70.0 (light mental backwardness, there are no behavior changes or these changes are minimal), bronchial asthma (its possible to see an improvement, ailment, she is less ill), auxotrophy, the delay of language development, F80.1 (specific troubles of speech articulation, the troubles of expressive language), weak stand;
  • further medical treatment - the surveillance by psychiatrist, allegro-pulmonologist, oculist and neurologist;
  • by the court verdict parents have been deprived from custody rights in June 2005. Parents have never visited the child in out-of-care family center, neither called her on telephone. Mother is an alcohol addicted, there is no information about the father, he did not live in the family when the girl was born;
  • girl has one major brother and one major sister. The brother and the sister, and none of other relatives haven't expressed the wish to take care of the adoptive girl.

40. Not adoptable

41. Twin brothers, born on 4th of May, 2000:

  • first twin brother, who was born as the first twin, has blue-grey eyes, dark grey hair. Born in the twin delivery as the first twin, from 7th pregnancy, 6th delivery in the 32nd week of pregnancy, with the weight of 1900g, height of 40 cm, the perimeter of the head - 30 cm, the perimeter of the breasts 28cm, 7/8 points by Apgar scale. Child is calm, but if he doesn't like something, he is taking offence, becomes aggressive (throwing things), calm, usually he goes everywhere with his twin brother, doesn't like playing with other children, he is introvert. He doesn't like dressing, doesn't like helping at house-works. He used to nibble his toys, gloves, but if someone admonishes, he stops. The foster-mother informs that the other brother does better at school, but he is very assiduous and sometimes does the exercises better than brother, for example, at writing. Boy has bad diction and for stranger it would be difficult to understand what child says. He doesn't uses any medical remedies, there are no health problems or attacks, he has not been ill, hasn't had even cold;
  • medical diagnosis - light mental backwardness with significant changes of behavior, what takes care and treatment (F70.1), specific troubles of articulation (F80.0), child is in the register of psychiatrist. Family doctor suspects, that boy could have epilepsy, but this diagnosis is not confirming in the made tests;
  • further medical treatment - surveillance by psychiatrist, examination by endocrinologist. The results of electroencephalography, re-made on 3rd October 2007: moderate changes of bioelectric activity of brains. Focal epileptiform changes in the front, temple and occipital areas. Shortly generalized activity during HV. Basic rhyme correspond to the age, polyrhythm. Comparing with electroencephalography, made on 24th of January 2007, epileptiform waves are in more narrow zone, less frequent generalized activity, higher frequency of alfa waves;
  • second twin brother, who was born as the second twin has blue eyes, light hair. Born in the twin delivery as the second twin, from 7th pregnancy, 6th delivery in the 32nd week of pregnancy, with the weight of 1600g, height of 43 cm, the perimeter of the head - 29 cm, the perimeter of the breasts 27cm, 3/4/7 points by Apgar scale. He has been bottle fed from the birth. Child is emotionally labile, has changeable mood, sometimes he is arguing and fighting with others, flattering, in all occasions he does his own way - always wants to get the personal profit, never pleads his fault, always blame others. He draws well, likes helping in house works. He does well at school, he is curious, he is interested in everything, sometimes he discusses as an adult. He is never ill, hasn't had cold;
  • medical diagnosis - organic emotional lability (astenic troubles) (F 06,6);
  • further medical treatment - the surveillance by psychiatrist;
  • after the birth children were placed in tutor's family. In May 2006, the tutor has been deprived from her duties, as her mother committed violence to one of three children living in this family. Children were place in the crisis center, where they have gone through the rehabilitation process, after they were placed in a foster family, where they are living now;
  • the 10th of January, 2008 the boys were put out in the pre-adoption care of foreign adopters as they have had mutual sympathies. The 25th of January 2008 the pre-adoption care was terminated after the consultation with different doctors. The adopters understood, that they are not able to provide appropriate care and education for the boys;
  • by the court verdict parents have been deprived from custody rights in August 2005, parents abuse alcohol, they have never showed interest of their children;
  • boys have one major brother and one major sister, who don't want to take care of them, one sister will become major in April and she is in tutor's care, two elder brothers, who are living with twins in foster family at the moment and two younger brothers who are in mother's care. A decision of the Orphans Court on children separation in case of adoption has been made.

42. Has been adopted

43. Is not adoptable

44. Is not adoptable

45. Not adoptable

46. Not adoptable

48. Is not adoptable

49. Is not adoptable

50. Unavailable

51. Has been adopted

52. Is not adoptable

53. Not adoptable

54. Is not adoptable

55. Is not adoptable

56. Unavailable

57. Not adoptable

58. Is not adoptable

59. Adopted

60. Not adoptable

          If there is information at your disposal about family or person who complies with the requirements stated in article 15 of the Convention and who would be interested to get personally acquainted with any of these children or obtain additional information and photos, we ask to inform the Ministry about that within two weeks (14 days) of the registration of this letter.

          In addition we want to inform that information about the children has been furnished simultaneously to Central Authorities and accredited bodies of several countries, therefore information about the child at first will be given to that institution whose represented family or adopter will submit adoption file faster than other adopters.