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Kā Jūs rīkojaties gadījumos, kad bērns slikti uzvedas?

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Sarāju, brīdinot par sodu nākamajā reizē

  • Children free for adoption Part VII (17.10.2008)

Ministry for Children and Family Affairs (henceforth - the Ministry), appreciating former cooperation in scope of adoption and considering that every child has rights to live in a family, according to realization of  the Convention of Hague on Protection of Children and Co-operation in respect of Intercountry Adoption (henceforth - the Convention) in Latvia, according to article 16 of the Convention would like to provide information on adoptable children free for adoption into a foreign family for whom the families are searched for:

1. Has been adopted


2. Is not adoptable


3. Boy, born on the 24th of April 2000:

  • he has blue eyes, light brown hair. From what foster mother has told, the child is very sick, but at the same time he is a very nice and lovely boy. If the boy sees that he is being treated well, he gets very attached to a person. The boy wants to do everything by himself but he has to be shown how to do it, he likes to work in the kitchen, in the garden, he only has to be allowed to work. The boy is very even-tempered, he likes to do things alone, he does not like if somebody disturbs him. If he is being disturbed too much, he starts becoming aggressive. The boy likes to sleep with his foster mother; he always waits to be caressed because he lacks love. In general, the boy is very nice and lovely, but he has a weakness to keep opening and shutting the doors, pictures and clocks cannot be on the wall, they will be thrown down;
  • reference from nursery school: the boy has a sensoneural hearing impairment of both sides, heavy at an average, he uses parotid hearing aids. He has astigmatic myopia, microphthalmia, he wears glasses. The boy hears a loud voice in the distance of 5m, a normal voice in the distance of 0,5m from the ear. He repeats words (2 syllables), a number of syllables. He repeats correctly short words, e.g. his name, mom, good, doll, car, ball. He has individual activities, because the boy sees badly. He reluctantly learns sign language, he knows elementary gestures: toilet, to dress up, sleep, eat, car, ball, to draw etc. In general, he does not use the sign language. He communicates with children by using his own gestures. He complies with such actions as "come", "go to the table", "go to sleep". He does not use language as a tool of communication. Coordination of fingers is disturbed; he has difficulties to create dactyl signs, difficult texts. He does not know how to read, he has learned letters A U O M L T, but by hearing he repeats all the sounds, except the letter R. in the activities he does not accomplish the exercises correctly, but he can correct his mistakes by example by putting little posters. He puts convertible pictures of 4 pieces, unknown objects, animals, birds etc. by colors and forms. He has not learned counting; he starts to orientate himself in amount of 3-5. It is preferable to give identical objects (as handouts). In performing arts he works independently, he accomplishes the tasks. He can copy the words correctly by taking into account lines. He gladly plays alone, he likes lego, puzzles and big blocks very much, but he rarely watches books. He suffers very much if other children disturb him while playing, he reacts sharply - beats, shouts, falls on the ground. He likes musical activities if there are no strangers. He reluctantly takes part in festivities - he sits, sways, and does not even notice what other children are doing. It did not happen before. Child's attention is unstable, except when he plays with puzzles and lego. His memory is bad. His interest on what is happening around him is unstable or there is no interest at all. The child acts automatically because that is how it has to be done. He is indifferent to things happening around him. The boy has become attached to his foster mother, he waits but he does not want to be together with his foster brother, aggression can be observed. Usually the boy does not show joy when he has new clothes. During the activities the boy is open, he expresses joy, and periodically an eye contact can be observed. He does not understand instructions and meaning of the exercises, though after an example offered several times he can imitate the exercise if he has understood it. The child has marked difficulties of concentration, division and switching of attention. The boy can be observed as an emotionally labile, he shows impulsivity, inadequacy in expression of emotions and behavior. The boy does not correspond to development of his age. He is friendly when communicating with other children;
  • the boy was born to a 24 year old mother from her second pregnancy, in second delivery, with weight of 1350g and height of 40cm. The child started to sit at the age of 1 year and 4 months, crawl at the age of 1 year and 6 months, walking independently at the age of 2 years and 8 months, talking at the age of 3 years. His first teeth came out when he was 8 months old. The child has a marked delay of physical development, energetic lack of proteins II-III. The boy needs gluten-free diet due to the celiac disease. The boy is being consulted in the Eye Centre twice a year, he wears correction glasses, from 29th of October, 2003 he has the hearing aid and from 1st of September, 2005 the child attends a specialised preschool institution for hearing-impaired children;
  • final medical diagnosis - inexact backwardness of psychic development with behavioural disorders on background of deep organic damage of central nervous system, F79. From 18th of February 2002 there has been stated invalidity for the child;
  • further medical treatment - regular exercises by speech therapist, psychologist, neurorehabilitation courses, massages, medical gymnastics, water procedures, gluten-free diet;
  • by the court verdict the parents of the boy have been deprived from custody rights. Parents or any other relatives have never showed interest of the boy;
  • child has two brothers and one sister, who have been adopted to the USA in July 2008. Boy has never met his siblings as he lives in foster family, but they lived in out of family care institution. At the beginning the information to the adopters were provided on all four children, but as this boy has such a health problems, family refused adopting all the children together, by expressing the wish to adopt only the brothers and the sister.


4. Has been adopted


5. Boy, born on 4th of October 2005:

  • blue eyes, light hair, emotionally responsive, wants to have the attention of the adults, actively shows the interest on the environment, likes studying new toys and objects, he has very good development dynamics. Child was born to a 44 years old mother, from her 4th pregnancy, in her 4th delivery, in the 35th-36th week of gestation in the ambulance car, with the weight of 1900g, height of 48cm, the perimeter of the head - 32cm, perimeter of the breast - 32cm. After the birth he had stable health state, there was observed the dependence of the oxygen. At the age of 6 days he was placed in the hospital, in dynamics the health state keeps difficult, child has been nourished through the probe, and he was neurologically irritated, anxious. Child was placed in out of family care center at the age of 1 month and 24 days with the weight of 2860g, height of 53cm. At the age of 3 months there is contacted that boy has atopic dermatitis; he is allergic to the cow milk albumen and to the soy albumen. He is in regular control of cardiologist, in condition after the heart operation, the results are good. The dynamics of the weight is slow. At the age of 1 year the weight was 5540g, height - 64cm. At the age of 2 years the weight was 7kg, height - 69cm. The first tooth came out when he was 8 months old, at the age of 1 year boy had 6 teeth. At the age of 2 years and 11 months child weighted 8kg 220g, height - 76cm. Child has the delay of language development, but he has started to repeat the syllables. Boy has started to crawl at the age of 13 months, walk independently at the age of 2 years and 10 months, but he is not walking a lot and stable, he doesn't like effort, he can eat himself. The emotional tonus is labile, he is often whining. Child has strict hypo allergic diet. Boy has the features of atopic dermatitis on his face. The disenbriognetic stigmas;
  • the medical diagnosis - the consequences of prenatal encephalopathy, the mental backwardness (moderate serious) F 71.0, the delay of physical development, atopic dermatitis, allergy against the cow milk albumens, the condition after the plastics of defect of ventricular partition walls; OU Ptosis pollapea; hear test (made in 18.01.2008.) - without pathologies, the blood and urine tests - without pathologies, the consultation of the oculist planned in October 2008, the invalidity will be stated;
  • the further medical treatment - the consultations of cardiologist and neurologist, continue the hypo allergic diet, remedial gymnastics;
  • by the court verdict, the parents of the boy have been deprived from custody rights. Parents did not take care of the boy, they did not provide him with the food, clothes, home and health care, and they were not educating him. The parents are alcohol abused, they are not working, there are anti sanitary conditions at the place they were living, it was not suitable for a child, they are not even trying to ameliorate the quality of living and lifestyle, to create the favorable conditions and environment to return their son in family. Parents have never visited the child in out-of-family care center;
  • boy has two elder sisters, the youngest lives in out-of-family care center and she is adoptable. (Information on this girl is placed in the Ministry's web page, "children free for adoption part I" under the nr.56 -http://www.bm.gov.lv/eng/adoption/information_on_adoptable_children/?doc=4730); but the eldest has a tutor; the decision on the separation of the children in case of adoption has been made.


6. Unavailable

7.Is not adoptable

8. Girl, was born on 26th of November 2005:

  • blue eyes, light hair. Girl doesn't speak, she is just responding to her name; likes to eat well, holds spoon badly, eats only with assistance, she is not trying to do it herself. Child has troubles of the movements, she crawls, she is sitting very rarely, she prefers lying down on her belly. She is not playing with toys, just mechanically throwing them away. When angry or happy, she bangs with her legs and hands on the floor. In the mornings, she is always in a good mood. She holds toys in her hands and observes them. Child was born to a 37 years old mother, from her 4th pregnancy, in her second delivery, with weight of 2340g, height - 45cm. Child started sitting at the age of 1 year and 8 months, crawling - at the age of 1 year and 8 months, the first teeth came out when she was 10 months old. At the age of 2 years and 9 months she weighted 7600g and was 78cm tall, these indices don't correspond to the norms of the age;
  • medical diagnosis - 20.12.2007 girl was consulted by psychiatrist - heavy mental backwardness F 72; language is not developed, the delay of motor and physical development, the invalidity has been determined from 10th of January 2008 up to 9th of January 2013;
  • further medical treatment - remedial gymnastics, the exercises by speech therapist, psychiatrist, cardiologist;
  • by the court verdict, the mother of the girl has been deprived from custody rights in December 2007, the paternity has not determined;
  • girl has one major stepsister, she unable to provide the necessary care and education to the sister because of material reasons.


9. Unavailable

10.Is not adoptable

11. Not adoptable

12. Has been adopted

13. Has been adopted

14. Has been adopted

15. Is not adoptable

16. Has been adopted

17. Is not adoptable

18.Is not adoptable

19. Is not adoptable

20. Is not adoptable

21. Boy, born on 23rd of April 2007:

  • blue eyes, light hair, he is very joyful, by contacting with someone known he smiles, has positive emotions. Refers to his name, actively plays with toys, and is listening. Eats with the spoon, drinks from the cup with the help. Boy sits and tries to stand up. He sleeps well and peacefully. Boy was born in a spontaneous delivery, with the weight of 2550g, height of 47 cm, 7/8 points by Apgar's scale. Mother was not under the surveillance of the doctor during the pregnancy, that's why she was not investigated. Child started to sit at the age of 15 months, the first teeth came out when he was 10 months old; at the age of 1 year and 4 months boy weighted 7490g and was 72cm tall;
  • medical diagnosis - HIV I, N II. Atopic dermatitis - remission. Allergy to the cow milk products, low physical development. The consequences of the prenatal defect of central system of nerves, the delay of psychomotor development;
  • the made tests - HbsAg (hepatitis B) (14.08.2007.) - positive; HIV1/2, HIV Ag (14.08.2007.) - examination in progress; Anti HCV (Hepatitis C) (14.08.2007.) - positive; TPHA (14.08.2007.) - negative; RPR (14.08.2007.) - negative;
  • further medical treatment - the surveillance of pediatrist, regular use of medicines, special diet (restriction of certain dishes), control of infectologist, the surveillance of neurologist, massages and other activities, the exercises at micro speech therapist, the development of the skills;
  • the mother at the age of 18 years entered the maternity section without any identity documents. Child was registered as a foundling; his name was given by care center.

22. Have been adopted

23. Unavailable

24. Have been adopted

25.Has been adopted

26. The boy has been adopted

27. Not adoptable

28. Have been adopted

29. Has been adopted

30. Girl, born on 9th of March 2007:

  • girl has dark eyes and dark hair, she is visually very nice. At the age of 18 months she has had the positive turn in her development (there was the same with the boy), there were very rapid progress, but it is necessary to work a lot and be patient with her, then there will be very good results and success in her development. There are positive emotions in contact with her, she likes personal attention and then she is always listening if someone talks to her; she enjoys observing everything around her. Girl was born to a 34 years old mother in her 8th pregnancy, in third delivery, with weight of 2100g, height of 46cm, 7/7 points by Apgar's scale. In the 9th of August 2008 she weighted 9kg 170g and was 78cm tall;
  • medical diagnosis - bronchial asthma, persistent, averagely serious process, remission, the consequences of the prenatal defect of central nervous system, spastic tetra paresis, hemangiomas on the body, atopic dermatitis, remission, low physical development, the invalidity has been determined;
  • further medical treatment - the surveillance of pediatrist, neurologist and oculist, the monitoring of hemangiomas in dynamics, in the register of allergist (she can't consume several products), water procedures, massages, physical activities, individual activities with micro speech therapist and psychologist;
the maternity and the paternity of the girl have not been determined as the mother of the girl entered the maternity section without any identification documents, but actually her personality is known, even the girl is legally registered as a foundling.


31. Has been adopted

32. Adopted

33. Has been adopted

If there is information at your disposal about family or person who complies with the requirements stated in article 15 of the Convention and who would be interested to get personally acquainted with any of these children or obtain additional information and photos, we ask to inform the Ministry about that within two weeks (14 days) of the registration of this letter.

In addition we want to inform that information about the children has been furnished simultaneously to Central Authorities and accredited bodies of several countries, therefore information about the child at first will be given to that institution whose represented family or adopter will submit adoption file faster than other adopters.






The Secretary of State                                                                                  I.Zalpētere





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