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  • Children free for adoption Part IX (09.04.2009)

Children, Family and Integration Affairs (hereinafter - the Ministry), appreciate our cooperation in the field of foreign adoption, and believes that every child has the right to live in family, according to the Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Cooperation in Intercountry Adoption (hereinafter - the Convention) realization in Latvia, under the Convention Article 16, wishes to provide information on adoptable children to the foreign countries:

1. Not adoptable

2. Not adoptable

3. Boy, born on 10th September 2007:

  • dark grey eyes, blond hair, he doesn't show interest on the environment, likes being alone, doesn't show interest on toys, doesn't like when someone takes him on hands, he sleeps well, sucks his tongue;
  • child was born to the 36 years old mother, with weight of 2700, height - 50cm, child doesn't sit, doesn't crawl, the first teeth came out when he was 6 months old. During the pregnancy mother was not under the doctor's surveillance, there are no information on the prenatal development of the boy and precocious anamnesis;
  • medical diagnosis - organic antenatal damage of central nervous system, the delay of psychomotor development, congenital heart disease - septum ventriculorum, the syndrome of dystony of muscles;
  • further necessary treatment - remedial gymnastics, massages, medicament therapy;
  • in October 2008 mother has given her agreement to the adoption of the child, by court judgment she has been deprived from custody rights in February 2009, paternity hasn't been stated. After the delivery mother left the boy in the hospital, at the beginning she was visiting him regularly in care centre, now nobody has showed interest on him, mother has alcohol dependency problems;
  • boy has one minor brother, who lives in orphanage, but he is not adoptable as parents are visiting him regularly. The decision of orphan's court on separation of the children in case of adoption has been made.


4. Is not adoptable

5. Girl, born on 28th of April 2006:

  • grey- bluish eyes, blond hair. Girl lives in foster family since 12th of September 2007. Before she was placed in foster family girl was able to roll from the back to sideward and stand in crawling position for short period of time (2-3minutes), girl was fed only with one type of adaptive milk from baby bottle, nothing else, she weighted 6kg and was 70cm tall. In 30th of January she weighted 8200g and was 83cm tall, there are progressive tendencies in her development - she is sitting, is active, mobile, react on sounds and situations, can show emotions. She has good appetite (likes yogurts, porridges, potatoes, cottage cheese, soups, sauces), but she is not able to eat independently and cannot chew the food. The coordination of the movements are ameliorating, she has become stronger, she practically never becomes ill;
  • in the summer 2008 girl was taking part in Reiter therapy, it has left a positive influence in her physical and mental development - she has started to sleep better, became calmer. At the beginning of 2008 girl had had the prophylactic massage and remedial gymnastics courses to build on the tonus of musculature. Since 5th January 2009 the pedagogue works with the girl following the Potridge system once a week (the system of precocious education and instruction for children with special needs), and child has started to speak concrete syllables, but she still has problems with concentration, is nervous, distracted, has instable attention, cries without reason, is angry. Girl plays with toys, likes playing and contacting with other children. Development of the child doesn't correspond to her age, she still has not learn the self service skills;
  • child was born to the 32 years old mother from her 8th pregnancy, in her 3rd delivery, in the 26th - 27th week of gestation, with weight of 790g, height - 34cm. During the pregnancy mother was not under the doctor's surveillance, she was ill with grippe with high temperature, child was born with his legs before, navel cord fell down, acute poreoamniotitis, amniotic fluid was yellow-green, in maternity section, mother had high temperature (↑t˚40˚) for the long time. The first period of delivery - 4h 30min, second - 10min. ½ points by Apgar's scale, the donation of oxygen, instable thermoregulation, neonatal pneumonia on the background - bronchopulmonal disposition. Clinical rachitis, the anaemia, congenital heart disease - the defect of in-between atries. Girl was fed through the probe till 12th of June 2006, from 5th of May she was started to be fed by baby bottle. Mother came to visit her two times, after girl was placed in care centre, child has started to sit, crawl and speak (to prattle) at the age of 1 year and 6 months;
  • medical diagnosis - bronchial asthma, averagely serious, persistent, exogenous, after attack period, allergy on cow milk products, the backwardness of psychomotor development (the consequences of premature IV), vitium cordis congenital without homodynamic troubles, bronchopulmonal displasition in anamnesis, central idiopathic backwardness, precocious central puberty, poliomyelitis, the invalidity has been stated;
  • further necessary treatment - rehabilitation, massages, developing activities, the medicaments against asthma, calcium, vitamin D;
  • parents abandoned child in the hospital and didn't show interest on her, on 17th of August 2006 mother has signed the agreement to the adoption, by court judgment parents have been deprived from custody rights in April 2007, parents have never showed interest, neither visited her;
  • girl has two minor sisters, who are in mother's care, the decision of Orphan's court on separation of the children in case of adoption has been made;
  • foster family doesn't want to adopt the child as it considers that foreign adoption is in child's interests (to have more qualified medical care and rehabilitation);
  • on 2nd of April 2009 the Orphan's court has informed that the wife of girl's uncle (brother of her father) has expressed the wish to take girl in guardianship. Orphan's court has demanded to make it within 1 month time and inform the Ministry on results.


6. Is not adoptable

7. Unavailable

8. Boy, born on 9th of March, 2006:

  • dark bleu eyes, light brown hair, child stands and walks with support, doesn't speak, has coordination troubles, he holds the toys unconsciously and for short period of time, can not feed himself, needs help;
  • boy was born to the 21 years old mother, from her 2nd pregnancy, in her 1st delivery, with weight of 4000g, height - 58cm,8/9 points by Apgar's scale. During the pregnancy mother was not under doctor's surveillance, there is no information on pregnancy and prenatal development, child started to sit at the age of 12 months, the first teeth came out when he was 7,5 months old;
  • medical diagnosis - tuberose sclerosis, epilepsy, rabdomioma in heart without homodynamic troubles, neurosensoral hearing problems at the left side, the language development problems, severe troubles of mental development, movement troubles. The invalidity has been stated;
  • further necessary treatment - the surveillance of neurologist, audiologist and cardiologist, the therapy against epilepsy, the activities with surdo-speech therapist, remedial gymnastics;
  • by court judgment parents have been deprived from custody rights in August 2008. Parents were brought up in orphanage and they don't have the elementary concept on making a family, children's needs and education. Parents have mental problems, which can be considered as the consequences of alcoholism, also the grand parents of the child have alcohol dependency problems. Parents have never visited child, neither showed interest or supported him, didn't make anything to return child back in family;
  • boy has one minor sister, who are in parents' care, the decision of Orphan's court on separation of the children in case of adoption has been made.


9. Not adoptable 

10. Has been adopted

11. Have been adopted

12. Not adoptable

13. Boy, born on 18th June 2001:

  • boy has grey eyes, brown hair. Boy is calm, friendly, likes participating in different activities, but not for long time. His attention is not stable, he speaks with simple sentences, but can retell the saw corresponding to the age;
  • by court judgment parents have been deprived from custody rights in September 2008. Parents were alcohol abused, didn't take care of the children, apartment was dirty and messy, children suffered from emotional and physical violence in the family;
  • child have two major sisters, two major brothers and younger sister, who has been adopted.

14. Boy, born on 19th of March 2000:

  • boy has blue eyes, light brown hair, boy is responsive, independent, emotional, impatient, creative. He likes drawing, coloring and application, has a good sense of rhythm, sings in choir, and dances in the national dance section. Boy is careful and kooks after his stuff, clothes and toys, has learned the self service skills. He is left handed, speaks fluently, reads with difficulties, retells chaotically;
  • boy has born to the 23-years old mother, from her 2nd pregnancy, in her 2nd delivery, with weight of 2250g, height - 50cm. Boy has suffered from emotional violence from his father's side, he has received rehabilitation, but still there is an influence on his psycho-emotional state, personal and emotional development;
  • by court judgment parents have been deprived from custody rights in October 2008. Child was removed from biological family as parents were alcohol abused, neglected, were emotionally and physically violent, child lived in dangerous conditions for his life and health. Parents are rarely visiting him in orphanage; there are no close relationship between parents and child. Child was attached to the grandmother (mother of his father), but because of her age she is not able to take care. Child has expressed the wish to keep the relationship with her also after the adoption;
  • child has one an adult brother, younger stepbrother has been adopted in Latvia, younger brother, older sister and younger sister have been adopted abroad in 2011.

15. Is not adoptable

16. Has been adopted

17. Not adoptable

18. Has been adopted

19. Unavailable

20. Is not adoptable

21. Not adoptable

22. Not Adoptable

23. Is not adoptable

24. Girl, born on 9th of March 2007:

  • the information on the girl has been placed in the list repeatedly; initially she was adoptable together with her brother as they are living together in one out-of-family care center, but because of her health problems, girl is looking for her own family;
  • she has dark eyes and dark hair, she is very good looking, she can sit down independently, she is not standing up in a very stable way, she is moving around by using the baby walker, doesn't walk independently, only with support, has good appetite, but its necessary to help her to hold a spoon. Girl fixes and follows to the regard, makes eyes contact, answers on smile, she isn't afraid of strangers. She participates in activities corresponding her age, likes playing on her own, with toys, but also plays with other children, especially with her brother. Speech - sounds. Girl is swinging before falling asleep, also when feeling nervous or when imitation the motion. At the age of 18 months she has had the positive turn in her development, her developing started to progress very fast, but to obtain good results and success, it is necessary to work a lot and be patient with her. In contact - positive emotions, she likes personal attention and then she is always listening if someone talks to her; she enjoys observing everything around her. Because of her diagnosis - asthma - girl is take medicines (Bekotide inhalations), in case of aggravation he treatment is subscribed by doctor (allergenist);
  • girl was born to a 34 years old mother in her 8th pregnancy, in third delivery, with weight of 2100g, height of 46cm, 7/7 points by Apgar's scale. In the 12th of January 2009 she weighted 10kg and was 81cm tall;
  • medical diagnosis - bronchial asthma, persistent, averagely serious process, remission, the consequences of the prenatal defect of central nervous system, spastic tetra paresis, hemangiomas on the body, atopic dermatitis, remission, low physical development, the invalidity has been determined (until 15.07.2010.);
  • further medical treatment - the surveillance of pediatrician, neurologist and oculist, the monitoring of hemangiomas in dynamics, consultations of allergist (she can't consume several products), water procedures, massages, physical activities, individual activities with micro speech therapist and psychologist;
  • in December 2008 the potential adopters came to Latvia to meet children in person, but they have decided not to continue the process of adoption as they realized that the girl's health state doesn't correspond to the given. The representative of the adopters has informed that girl doesn't react to the outward factors, doesn't fixe the look, doesn't pronounce a sound, doesn't make contact; she is retired into herself. Girl has stereotypical movements, she swings, makes different snoots, and during two days, she didn't smile. The social employee of care centre doesn't agree that child doesn't fixe look, doesn't pronounce sounds, doesn't smile and doesn't make contact, but agrees that girl swings and retires in herself, if no one is paying attention to her - it is related with prenatal defect of central nervous system, the delay of psychomotor development. Girl has very low physical development because of her illnesses she is spending time mostly in bed. The social employee accents, that when brother was at her age, his health state was harder, but regular work with him has given good results, that is because there is still hope that same will be with his sister;
  • the maternity and the paternity of the girl have not been determined as the mother of the girl entered the maternity section without any identification documents, but actually her personality is known, even the girl is legally registered as a foundling. Mother hasn't showed interest and has never visited them; the location of this woman is unknown, she is vagabonding and abusing alcohol;
  • girl has one brother, but the decision of Orphan's court on separation of the children in case of adoption is not necessary as children are not registered as the brother and the sister.


25. Unavailable

26. Has been adopted

27. Are not adoptable

28.Has been adopted

29. Is not adoptable

 30. Has been adopted


If there is information at your disposal about family or person who complies with the requirements stated in article 15 of the Convention and who would be interested to get personally acquainted with any of these children or obtain additional information and photos, we ask to inform the Ministry until the 22nd of April 2009.

At the same time we want to inform that tidings about the children has been furnished simultaneously to Central Authorities and accredited bodies of several countries, therefore information about the child will be given after the 22nd of April 2009, and at first to that institution whose represented family or adopter will submit adoption file faster than other adopters.



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