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Kā Jūs rīkojaties gadījumos, kad bērns slikti uzvedas?

Cenšos izprast bērna sliktas uzvedības cēloņus

Uz laiku liedzu datora/telefona lietošanu vai citus izklaides pasākumus

Sarāju, brīdinot par sodu nākamajā reizē

  • Children free for adoption Part X (29.05.2009)

The Ministry of Children, Family and Integration Affairs (hereinafter - the Ministry), appreciate our cooperation in the field of foreign adoption, and believes that every child has the right to live in family, according to the Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Cooperation in Intercountry Adoption (hereinafter - the Convention) realization in Latvia, under the Convention Article 16, wishes to provide information on adoptable children to the foreign countries:

1. Unavailable

2. Sister, born on 3rd of July 2001, older brother, born on 30th of November 2002, middle brother, born on 28th of August 2004, and younger brother, born on 28th of June 2006:

  • sister brown-greenish eyes, dark brown hair, she is kind-hearted, sweet, sometimes stubborn, hardworking only if motivated. Girl likes dancing, school results are average, but she is trying to do her best;
  • medical diagnosis -practically healthy;
  • older brother has blue-greyish eyes, light brown hair, he is hardworking, helpful, ingenious and curious, has very well developed phantasm (he believed in his own stories). Boy studies in nursery school, he is acquiring quickly all the new, he can read and a little bit calculate. Boy is interested in techniques (planes, cars, motorbikes and tractors);
  • middle brother has green-greyish eyes, light brown hair. Boy is friendly, cute, hardworking and helpful. He is clumsy, slow, but tries to participate in all kind of activities. Boy repeats all what is forbidden for others, and he doesn't confess. In September boy will start studies in nursery school. Adopters should take into account that boy is allergic, can't use all the medicines;
  • medical diagnosis - practically healthy;
  • younger brother has blue-greyish eyes, light brown hair. Boy is friendly, active, helpful, hardworking and curious, learns quickly, and has good memory, sometimes stubborn and very insistent. Boy is interested in dancing, music and singing;
  • medical diagnosis - practically healthy;
  • by court judgment the parents have been deprived from custody rights in 2009. After the placement in the foster family, parents were visiting children, but after they were deprived from custody rights, stopped. Parents agree to the adoption. None of the grandparents or other relatives have never showed interest on children since they live in the foster family;
  • parents of the children were alcohol abused and were violent against each other - they fought and swore in front of children, parents couldn't provide the necessary living conditions, it was dangerous for their health and lives. Children were not receiving the necessary care - food, clothes, their developments were delayed because of the fault of the parents, children often didn't go out, medical care was superficial, children were often ill, parents took them to the doctor only after the indications of social employee;
  • children has one older brother, who is tutor's care, he has not met their younger brothers and sister for almost 3 years. Boy knows that they live in the foster family, but as they have huge age difference, boy has not showed interest on them and has not expressed the wish to visit them. The decision of the Orphan's Court on separation of the children in case of adoption has been made;
  • children lives in foster family since 8th of September 2006. Foster family doesn't want to adopt children because of the age, wants to have a real family for them.

3. Not adoptable

4. Have been adopted

5. Girl, born on 3rd of May 2002 (child has been placed in the list repeatedly):

  • blue gray eyes, light brown hair, uncontrollable, sometimes she cries and laughs at the same time, very tidy, takes care of her stuff, capricious, takes offence quickly, enjoys singing and dancing, and learning the poems; if she feels nervous, she is masturbating, sometimes she does sexual activities with boys;
  • child was born to a 24 years old mother from her 4th pregnancy, in her 4th delivery, with weight of 3290g and height of 52cm, child has started to sit at the age of 7 months, walk independently - at the age of 1 year;
  • medical diagnosis - somatically practically healthy, speech troubles, light mental backwardness;
  • further necessary treatment - consultation of psychologist and psychiatrist; the consultation of oculist, the exercises with speech therapist;
  • by court judgment the parents have been deprived from custody rights in November 2006. Parents have no interest on their children, the visited children few times in the orphanage before court decision, have never done it after it;
  • girl has one older sister, who is adopted in Latvia, also brother and older sister who have been adopted abroad in September 2013;
  • there were two families who have started the adoption process with children (adoptable girl together with her brother and older sister), but the broke up it as before two years children were hyperactive, incontrollable, adopters couldn't achieve the confidence and love from the children, children suffered after the unsuccessful pre-adoptive care.

6. Adopted

7. Unavailable

8. Not adoptable

9. Is not adoptable

10. Not adoptable

11.  Is not adoptable

12.   Older brother, born on 7th of September, and younger brother, born on 1st of December 2002, older sister, born on 6th of January 2005, and younger sister, born on 22nd of August 2006:

  • older brother has blue-grayish eyes, light brown hair, boy is kind hearted, hyperactive, want to be a leader, likes playing with Lego, but he quickly looses the interest, sometimes his behavior is not adequate, studies in the special school as boy has diagnosis - the delay of psychomotor development, before he was not able to memorize the letters, bur for the moment he ahs made a lot of progress, the specialists considers that boy has potential and within time he will be able to study in a normal school. Boy counts, reads, likes drawing, listen to the music, his aural memory is better developed, boy speaks very fast;
  • child has born to the 23 years old mother, from the 1st pregnancy, in her 1st delivery with weight of 3050g, height - 50cm. after the delivery boy received the preventive penicillin therapy (intrauterine infection) as mother was ill with syphilis, there is no information on precocious development of the child;
  • medical diagnosis - the consequences after the central nervous system defect with essential hyperkinetic troubles, deficit of the attention, the delay of psychomotor development, psoriasis vulgaris (L40.0);
  • further necessary treatment - the surveillance of psychiatrist;
  • younger brother has blue-grayish eyes, brown hair, has good school results, can read and count, helps at home, sometimes reserved, doesn't want to be a leader, sometimes capricious, likes music, dancing, before he was afraid of the dark, but now it has disappeared;
  • child has born to the 25 years old mother, from the 2nd pregnancy, in her 2nd delivery with weight of 3600g, height - 53cm. There is no information on precocious development of the child;
  • medical diagnosis - somatically healthy;
  • further necessary treatment - not necessary;
  • older sister has dark blue eyes, light brown hair, she is active, takes part in all the events in the nursery school, sometimes aggressive, capricious, likes dancing and singing, her development is delayed comparing with other children who are at the same age, has heavy step, feeble hand motoric, but she has made a visible progress since she lives in the foster family, child speaks, learns to play independently, sometimes she breaks the toys;
  • child has born to the 27 years old mother, from the 3rd pregnancy, in her 3rd delivery with weight of 3350g, height - 51cm. There is no information on precocious development of the child;
  • medical diagnosis - the delay of mental development, hyperactivity;
  • further necessary treatment - the surveillance of neurologist;
  • younger sister has dark eyes, light brown hair, she is very active, independent, can dress independently, speaks with full sentences, likes to be a leader, plays role games with dolls, dresses them. She is afraid of locked rooms, public transports, child has neurosis (sometimes (not often) she swings her head);
  • child has born to the 29 years old mother, from the 4th pregnancy, in her 4th delivery with weight of 3350g, height - 50cm. There is no information on precocious development of the child;
  • medical diagnosis - neurosis with sleep problems;
  • further necessary treatment - the surveillance of neurologist;
  • by court judgment parents have been deprived from custody rights on 14th of August 2008, parents were alcohol abused, didn't provide the necessary care and surveillance for the children, children lived in the dangerous conditions for their lives and health, parents were not motivated to change the situation;
  • foster family agrees to the foreign adoption as they consider that adoption could favorably influence the physical and mental development of the children. It is necessary to work a lot with children to give them a lot of care and attention;
  • children have one major sister and one minor sister, who is in her father's care. The decision of Orphan's court on separation of the children in case of adoption has been made.

If there is information at your disposal about family or person who complies with the requirements stated in article 15 of the Convention and who would be interested to get personally acquainted with any of these children or obtain additional information and photos, we ask to inform the Ministry until the 12th of June 2009.

At the same time we want to inform that tidings about the children has been furnished simultaneously to Central Authorities and accredited bodies of several countries, therefore information about the child will be given after the 12th of June 2009, and at first to that institution whose represented family or adopter will submit adoption file faster than other adopters.


The Secretary of State                                                             I.Zalpētere



Sterniņa +371 6356500