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  • Children free for adoption Part XI (06.10.2009)

To all recipients attached

Information on adoptable children

The Ministry of Welfare (hereinafter - the Ministry), appreciate our cooperation in the field of foreign adoption, and believes that every child has the right to live in family, according to the Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Cooperation in Intercountry Adoption (hereinafter - the Convention) realization in Latvia, under the Convention Article 16, wishes to provide information on adoptable children to the foreign countries:

1. Unavailable

2. Not adoptable

3. Boy, born on 22nd of December 2001:

  • boy has brown eyes, dark brown hair, he is active, friendly, sometimes stubborn. Likes singing and dancing, takes part in different activities. Boy has instable attention, his language development has been delayed, he wears glasses. Child has started studies at school for the 1st year, following the level "B" education program;
  • child has born to the 24 years old mother, from her 3rd pregnancy, in her 3rd delivery, with weight of 2520g, height - 50cm;
  • medical diagnosis - bronchial asthma, medium severe, persistent, partly controlled. Light mental backwardness, delay of language development;
  • by court judgment the parents have been deprived from custody rights in September 2007. Parents and his relatives have shown no interest what so ever in their current wellbeing or their future;
  • boy has two minor sisters, who are in the parents' care, one minor brother, who lives in other out of family care institution and who has essential health problems, also one brother and one sister who have been adopted abroad. The decision of the Orphan's court on separation of the children in case of adoption, has been made.

4. Has been adopted

5. Not adoptable

6. Unavailable

7. Adopted

8. Is not adoptable

9. Is not adoptable

10.  Boy, born on 1st of April 2005:

  • boy has brown eyes,  brown  hair, he wants to be leader, he wants everyone to submit to him, if they don't, he throws everything away.
  • Boy likes drawing, watching cartoons, singing. He is interested in techniques - tractors, cars, also animals. He knows numbers;
  • there are no information on the development of the child;
  • medical diagnosis - somatically healthy;
  • by court judgment mother and father have been deprived from custody rights in February 2009. Since the child lives in the foster family, his parents or relatives have shown no interest what so ever in his current wellbeing or his future;
  • boy has one major stepsister and one major stepbrother, who is in the care of the father and one minor sister, who has been adopted in Latvia in 2009;
  • the child lives in the foster family since 14th of June 2007, he has close relationship with foster parents, who wanted to be the tutors of the child, but refused because of the financial reasons.

11.   Not adoptable 

12.   Not adoptable

13.   Is not adoptable

14.   Is not adoptable

15.  Are not adoptable

16. Not adoptable

17. Adopted

18.      Twin brothers, born on 4th May 2000 (children have been placed in the list repeatedly):

  • first twin has gray-bluish eyes, dark gray hair. Foster mother informs, that boy has certain difficulties with studies, but he is hardworking and sometimes does exercises better than his brother (for ex. in writing). Boy has bad diction and for those who don't know him, there could be problems to understand what he is saying. There is visible progress in his development - now he is studying in the 2nd class of the elementary school (he has studied in the 1st class repeatedly), he knows letters, is very patient, ready to learn, but not for long time. In the everyday life he is not delayed, haven't had any attacks, he has never been ill or had flu. Boy is intelligent, has good relationship with his classmates, has friends and a girlfriend. Boy studies in the "correction class" - it is a class, where teacher works almost individually with every child and teachers are specially trained. With lot of work, boy can get a lot of success. Child is consulted by psychotherapist twice a year, physiotherapist and speech therapist are work with him regularly;
  • child was born in the twin delivery as the first twin, from 7th pregnancy, in the 6th delivery, in the 32nd week of gestation, with weight of 1900g, height - 40cm, head perimeter - 30cm, breast perimeter - 28cm, 7/8 by Apgar's scale;
  • medical diagnosis - medium severe mental backwardness. Hyperactive child;
  • further necessary treatment - the surveillance of psychiatrist, Relaxen (1 tb in the evenings), Kavintoni (2,5mgx2 once a day);
  • second twin brother has blue eyes, blond hair. Child is emotionally labile, his mood changes very quickly, sometimes he is arguing and fighting with others, sometimes flattering, his reaction is turned to get a profit for himself, he never confesses, usually blames other children or circumstances. He is very good at drawing, always helps with different works at home. He has good school results, is curious, interested in everything, sometimes he discusses and judges like an adult. He has never been ill and never had flu. Boy does remedial gymnastics once a week as he had problems with his back because of the school bag, which were too heavy for him;
  • child was born in the twin delivery as the second twin, from 7th pregnancy, in the 6th delivery, in the 32nd week of gestation, with weight of 1600g, height - 43cm, head perimeter - 29cm, breast perimeter - 27cm, 3/4/7 by Apgar's scale, he has been fed with infant milk since birth;
  • medical diagnosis - organics emotional lability (aesthetic troubles) (F06.6);
  • further necessary treatment - surveillance of psychiatrist;
  • since birth children were in guardianship, but in May 2006 the tutor was suspended from her duties as her mother was violent to the girl who lived in the same family. All three children had been placed in the crises centre, where they received rehabilitation, after twins was placed in the foster family;
  • on 10th of January 2008 the foreign family started the process of adoption with twins (pre-adoptive care and surveillance), but after 2 weeks the adopters refused to continue the process as after having a consultation with few of the doctors in Riga, they understood that they wont be able to provide the necessary care and education for children (mainly it was because mister had health problems and madam was not sure she will be able to give a proper care and education alone);
  • by court judgment parents have been deprived from custody rights in August 2006, parents are alcohol abused, parents have shown no interest what so ever in their current wellbeing or their future;
  • boys have one major brother and two major sisters, they don't want to take care of the twins, and two older brothers, who are in tutor's care (they live in the same family where twins, and two younger brother, who are in the mother's care, the decision of the Orphan's court on separation of the children in case of adoption has been made.
  • boys live in the foster family since 21st of February 2007.

19. Not adoptable

20.   Has been adopted

21. Not adoptable

22.  Has been adopted

23. Boy, born on 4th of October 2005 (boy has been placed in the list repeatedly as there is good development dynamics):

  • blue eyes, blond hair, emotionally responsive, wants to have the attention of the adult, actively shows interest in the environment, has very good development dynamics;
  • on 13th of August 2009 boy has passed the speech test - the speech system is insufficiently developed (1st degree), expressive speech - short words of one or two syllables, but in last three months his vocabulary has quickly expanded. The intervention of articulation has ameliorated - boy can lick the lips with his tongue by moving it from the left side to the right and opposite, also he is able to stick out and keep the tongue. During activities he is active and curious, he is tries to repeat all the heard, understands the instructions, likes construction - he works with blocks and pyramids. The general and small motorics is ameliorated, he can grasp and hold the objects correctly, can classify the objects by size and color (partly). Boy knows and partly names the parts of the body, has learned the simple self service skills - he eats and drinks independently, can dress up. He is friendly and kind hearted with other children. Boy sleeps well;
  • on 13th of August 2009 boy had been consulted by psychologist - boy quickly makes contact with adults, he likes collaborate and tries to imitate. He searches for the person to attach, shows affection, trust to certain adults, asks for help. Child is emotionally open, kind-hearted, the positive emotions prevail. Boy is determined, has good self-controlled, the cognitive activity is well developed and interest of local environment, he discovers the world around him. Boy has good capacities to concentrate his attention for long term work. During the activities he is attentive, assiduous, works with interest, is careful, has good capacities to learn and to imitate. He is good in construction and in work with tiny objects; can find an occupation for himself. Boy cooperates with other children, shares toys, participates in activities, games. Boy has learned self service skills, his vocabulary has enlarged, he has understanding on daily regimen and entire world, objects, animals. He likes helping to adults, does little house works, he likes to feel useful;
  • child was born to the 44 years old mother, from her 4th delivery, in the 35th -36th week of gestation, in the ambulance car, with weight of 1900, height - 48cm, head perimeter - 32cm, breast perimeter - 32cm. After the birth, the situation was stable. At the age of 6 days boy was placed in the hospital - state of health - difficult, probe feeding, neurologically irritated, anxious. Child was moved in the orphanage at the age of 1 month and 24 days, with weight of 2860g, height - 53cm. From age of 3 months boy has atopic dermatitis, allergy against cow milk and soy products. The weight dynamics is slow, at the age of 1 year he weighted 5540g and was 64cm tall, at the age of 2 years he weighted 7000g and was 69cm tall, at the age of 2 years and 11 months he weighted 8220g and was 76cm tall. First teeth came out when he was 8 months old, at the age of 1 year - 6 teeth. Child has started to crawl at the age of 13 months, walk independently - at the age of 2 years and 10 months. There are atopic dermatitis signs on his face. Disembriogenetic stigmas;
  • medical diagnosis - aftereffects after prenatal encephalopathy (there is good development dynamics, which ameliorates every day). Light mental backwardness, the delay of physical development (small height, delicate constitution of the body). Situation after the plastics of ventricular septum defect (norm, without pathology, control in 2010). Ou myopia congenital, OU ptosos polpae (weak eyes, boy has to wear glasses permanently). Atopic dermatitis, child eats hypo allergic food, child has started to eat cow milk products since June 2009 - he has had no aggravations. The invalidity has been stated;
  • further necessary treatment - consultation of psychiatrist, the surveillance of cardiologist, hypo allergic food, boy has to wear glasses, remedial gymnastics;
  • by court judgment parents have been deprived from custody rights in February 2007. Parents didn't take care of the child - didn't provide him food, clothes, home, health care and education. Both parents are alcohol abused, they don't work, there are anti sanitary conditions in their apartment, which is not suitable for the child, they have not even tried to make their lives better to have their son back in the family. Parents have never visited him in care centre, they have shown no interest what so ever in his current wellbeing or his future;
  • boy has two older sisters, younger lives in the social care institution and is adoptable (information on this girl is placed in the Ministry's home page, Part I, under nr. 56 - http://www.lm.gov.lv/text/1113), older sister is in the tutor's care, the decision of the Orphan's court on separation of the children in case of adoption has been made.

24.  Are not adoptable

25. Is not adoptable

If there is information at your disposal on family or person who complies with the requirements stated in article 15 of the Convention and who would be interested to get personally acquainted with any of these children or obtain additional information and photos, we ask to inform the Ministry until the 19th of October 2009.

At the same time we want to inform that tidings about the children has been furnished simultaneously to Central Authorities and accredited bodies of several countries, therefore information about the child will be given after the 19th of October 2009, and at first to that institution whose represented family or adopter will submit adoption file faster than other adopters.


The Secretary of State                                                                      R.Beinarovičs


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