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Career Guidance
Career development support system
Considerable changes in the development of the industries of the national economy and on the labour market impacted by the economic situation and the changes brought by the introduction of modern new technologies resulting in the elimination of certain profession and the creation of new ones instead forcing employees to adapt their qualifications accordingly can be seen both in Latvia and on the global scale; employees representing a high number of professions are forced to master new skills due to the new technologies and the employers’ requirements.
Decisions regarding the career development have a considerable impact on the future situation from the point of view of both the individual and the sustainability of the national development. Therefore, the career development support system (hereinafter referred to as the “CDSS”) plays an essential role being a set of measures providing an opportunity for an individual to identify his/her interests, abilities, skills, experience at any stage of the life and at any age, in order to adopt informed decisions regarding the selection of the education and/or profession and in order to organise and to manage his/her individual life path in the education, employment and other areas where such abilities and experience is mastered and/or utilised.
On 26 March 2006 the Cabinet of Ministers approved the Concept Paper “Improvement of the Career Development Support System”, providing that the CDSS consists of the three following basic elements:
  • information (preparation and provision);
  • career education (services, courses, programs);
  • career consultations (assistance in the career planning, the identification of the professional suitability, trial jobs, mastering of the skills of searching for a job and maintaining a job).
At present the responsibility for the implementation of the CDSS is shared by the Ministry of Welfare and the Ministry of Education and Science:
  • The Ministry of Welfare focuses a large share of attention to the measures of the training and the improvement of skills of unemployed persons, the persons searching for a job and also employed persons (within the context of the life-long learning). In order to promote sustainable employment, to minimise unemployment, to promote the people’s opportunities and to encourage the mastering of future skills, a range of important measures is being implemented – by improving the regulatory framework, the work of the implementing institutions, by developing new cooperations and partnerships.
  • Training, re-qualification and the improvement of qualification of unemployed persons and the persons searching for a job organised by the State Employment Agency subordinated to the Ministry of Welfare within the framework of the active labour market policy measures is among the most important directions of action. The State Employment Agency provides free 0f charge consultations on the issues of education and profession selection to all the categories of persons, provides psychological support, free of charge consultations to unemployed persons, the persons looking for a job and other persons by helping to become familiar with the professional suitability and re-qualification issues (www.nva.gov.lv).
  • The State Social Integration Agency subordinated to the Ministry of Welfare, in addition to the social and professional rehabilitation of persons with disability, prior to the mastering of education programs for persons with disability, offers the service of the establishment of the professional suitability by using also trial jobs, by paying special attention to the individual’s health status (www.siva.gov.lv).
  • The Ministry of Education and Science is responsible for the development and implementation of the national education policy and it also coordinates the implementation of the career education within the education sector as a whole (www.izm.gov.lv).
  • The State Education Development Agency subordinated to the Ministry of Education and Science provides information regarding education possibilities in Latvia (www.niid.lv) and Europe www.viaa.gov.lv/Euroguidance, as well as coordinates the cooperation between the institutions involved in the implementation of the career development support system, including the coordination of the work of the Career Development Support System Cooperation Council (www.viaa.gov.lv).
  • Information regarding the career development support services and development trends within the context of the life-long learning is also available on the ELGPN or the European Life-long Career Development Policy network (http://www.elgpn.eu/),
In order to implement the goals defined in the Concept Paper “Improvement of the Career Development Support System” the Ministry of Welfare participates in the work of the “Cooperation Council of the Career Development Support System”. The Cooperation Council operates as an inter-branch information exchange and advisory institution, in order to:
  • develop and promote the career development support services and improve their quality;
  • promote the selection of the further education or the direction of the professional career development suitable for the abilities, interests and age of each individual.
The functions of the Cooperation Council Secretariat are carried out by the Information and Career Support Department of the State Education Development Agency (http://www.viaa.gov.lv/lat/).

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