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Frequently asked questions

There is not mentioned any restrictions on the number of refusals at legislation. The most important is that emotionally positive relations develop between adoptable child and adopters. Although one has take into account that in the cases where adopters refuse from the child because they do not feel comfortable for their ability to accept unknown child and refuses without the groundless reason, the Ministry may request the Competent institution to make reevaluation of  their suitability for the adoption. This is not the sanction in order to punish prospective parents. The main aim of this step is to give a chance for adopters to talk over the reasons of  doubts and uncertainty with psychologist and eventually resolve these problems. This is crucial for adopters to help them to make their own right decision.

In the cases where foreign adopters refuse 3 times in 1 years time without reasonable motive from children who correspond to the criteria mentioned in the application of adoption the Ministry rezerves the right to provide adopters with the next information on adoptable child not sooner than after 6 month.