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Frequently asked questions

According to the Section 9,  Paragraph 2 of the Civil Status Documents Law only adoptive parents (until the  lawful age of adopted child) can get acquainted with the information related to the adoption from the register. The Article 219 of the Civil Law of the Republic of Latvia anticipate that  lawful age starts at the age of 18. The information on child's birth can be found at Registry office that is written on the Birth Certificate of the child. The information can also be found at the Civil Register Department, the Ministry of Justice (address: 38a, Čaka Str. phone: +371 67226222; +371 67830682; +371 67830684).

According to the Section 32,  Paragraph 1 of the Civil Status Documents Law the data record of birth on person is completed  by preserving previous data in the case of adoption.

According to the Article 18 part 1of the Population Register Law private entity has the right to receive information about himself free of charge twice a year. According to the Article 19 on the basis of motivated application is possible to receiver information on other persons (biological parents, brothers/sisters). Thus, adopter as the representative of the interests of the adopted child or adopted child himself/herself after the age of 18 has the right to request necessary information at the Population Register Department,  Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (address: Čiekurkalna 1st Line, 1, k-5, LV-1026, phone: +371 67829710 or +371 67829711)