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Types of social insurance benefits 

State social insurance benefits guarantee a certain substitute of income when the person has lost the earned income - in case of employment, sickness, before and after delivery (maternity) period as well as suffering from job injury or acquiring an occupational disease, loosing the supporter and in other cases.  Amount of social insurance benefits is individual and depends on former social contributions made by beneficiary.

Socially insured person who due to the work injury or occupational disease has a temporary incapacity for work, loss of capacity for work or death, is entitled  to receive insurance indemnity.

In case of death of insured person, family members who are incapable for work and was dependent on deceased person, are entitled to receive the compensation.

Person who was insured against work injuries and occupational diseases before January 1, 1997, for at least 3 years is entitled to receive insurance indemnity due to occupational disease.

Persons who make social contributions are entitled to the following social insurance benefits and compensations: