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  • Children free for adoption Part XVI (19.04.2011)

To all recipients attached

Information on adoptable children

The Ministry of Welfare (hereinafter "Ministry") appreciating the cooperation in the field of foreign adoption, and believing that every child has the right to live in a family, in accordance with the implementation in Latvia of the Article 16 of the Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Cooperation in Intercountry Adoption (hereinafter "Convention"), hereby provides information on adoptable children for whom families are being sought abroad:

1. Not adoptable

2. Unavailable

3. Boy bon on July 3, 2002:

  • grey eyes, blond hair. Child's independent motions are being limited because of congenital bone development anomalies, he moves by using a wheel chair. He co-operates with the adult by using visual and hearing methods of work, he likes participating in the activities, is responsive, has learned the basic categories of sensor concepts. Boy has significant sound pronunciation troubles because of cleft palate, he makes small sentences, voice is silent. Boy loves music, to go for a walk outdoors, tries to get what he wants;
  • boy was born to the 31 years old mother, from her 5th pregnancy, in her 4th delivery, with weight of 2620g, height - 39cm, head perimeter - 33cm, chest perimeter - 30cm, 7/8 points by Apgar's score, child had multiple congenital bone development anomalies - shortened extremities, short bones, deformation of the joints, short, immobile fingers, deformed legs, short breastbone, deformed backbone, immobile lower jaw, cleft palate. After the birth was probe fed for long time;
  • child has started to speak at the age of 3 years, first teeth - at the age of 8 months. Boy sits in the special chair with a bearing, he doesn't sit, doesn't walk independently. At the age of 3 years - first syllables, at the age of 5 years he answers with "yes/no", at the age of 6 - pronounces short words;
  • medical diagnosis - congenital multiple anomalies, dystrophic dysplastic syndrome. Foot deformities. Flexion contractures in the knees, congenital hip joint dislocation. Tetraparesis. Severe mental backwardness, disability has been stated;
  • further necessary treatment - speech therapy, remedial gymnastics, massages, education following the special program;
  • mother has been deprived of custody by the decision of the court in October 2008, boy's paternity has not been established. Mother has not shown interest in her son, is not able to provide him the necessary care because of financial issues;
  • the girl has a major sister and a major brother, as well as one minor brother, who is in the care of the mother, the decision by Orphan's Court on separation of the children in case of adoption has been made.

4. Unavailable

5. Not adoptable

6. Have been adopted

7. Unavailable

8. Not adoptable

9. Sibling group of 3 children: older sister, born on November 21, 2001, younger sister, born on April 29, 2004, and a brother, born on March 24, 2007:

  • older sister has grey eyes, light brown hair. Girl studies at the 3rd grade in the boarding school following the special program as she is hyperactive, has learning troubles, has difficulties to concentrate, but school results are good. Girl has difficulties to get along with other children at school, but not with the sister and brother, she loves them a lot. Can be stubborn, likes to read, to sing. She has very well developed imagination, sometimes she feels no difference between the real world and her imagination;
  • child was born to 18-years old mother, from her 1st pregnancy, in the 1st delivery, with weight of 3250g, height - 53cm;
  • child has started to sit at the age of 8 months, to crawl - at the age of 9 months, to walk independently - at the age of 15 months, to speak - at the age of 2 years;
  • medical diagnosis - practically healthy, celiac disease, bronchial asthma, mental retard;
  • further treatment - special diet, asthma treatment if necessary (after consultation of gastroenterologist and pulmonologist);
  • younger sister has gray-bluish eyes, brown hair. Girl is very sensitive and shy, doesn't particularly like activities with other children, she needs to be involved, then she enjoys it. Girl has speech problems, she works a lot with speech therapist to improve it, and she progresses. The self service skills are well developed, girl have basic understanding about letters, numbers, geometric figures. She loves to play imagination games, Lego, puzzles;
  • child was born to 20-years old mother, from her 2nd pregnancy, in the 2nd delivery, with weight of 3220g, height - 51cm;
  • child has started to sit at the age of 9 months, to crawl - at the age of 11 months, to walk independently - at the age of 18 months, to speak - at the age of 3 years;
  • medical diagnosis - delay of mental development, delay of speech development;
  • further treatment - not necessary;
  • brother has gray-bluish eyes, light brown hair. Boy is active, friendly, he likes sport activities, music, fairy tales, Lego, puzzles, different table games, enjoys playing with other children. He has delayed language development, has to work with speech therapist, to enlarge vocabulary. It is necessary to speak a lot with him;
  • child was born to 23-years old mother, from her 3rd pregnancy, in the 3rd delivery, with weight of 3370g, height - 53cm;
  • child has started to sit at the age of 9 months, to crawl - at the age of 12 months, to walk independently - at the age of 15 months, to speak - at the age of 2 years and 6 months;
  • medical diagnosis - bronchial asthma, strabismus;
  • further treatment - asthma treatment, consultation of speech therapist, oculist;
  • by court judgment parents have been deprived from custody rights in October 2010. Children have suffered from emotional and physical violence, they were neglected, lived in the dangerous conditions (they were kept in a very dirty room, no one took care of them for the long period of time), parents have no skills in the upbringing and education of the children. None of the relatives have ever shown interest in their current wellbeing or in their future. After the replacement from the biological family, children received the rehabilitation, the help of psychologist and social workers;
  • children do not have other siblings.

10. Have been adopted

11. Boy, born on August 13, 2002:

  • boy has grey eyes and brown hair. Child is friendly, active, sincere and sweet, he has learning and concentration difficulties at school, he is at the 1st grade for the second year because of them. He knows how to read, write and count, he needs help and special attention from the adults while doing his school works. Boy prefers to be with the adults than with the children, or to play on his own - with Lego, toy cars, puzzles, he enjoys watching TV. He loves activities outside and singing. When arrived in the foster family child was very nervous as he has seen a lot of negative in his biological family (fights, alcohol abuse, etc.), now he has got over it;
  • child was born to the 32 years old mother, from her 3rd pregnancy, in her 3rd delivery, in the 37/38 week of the pregnancy, with weight - 2600g, height - 52cm. During the pregnancy mother was drinking alcohol, smoking, had tuberculosis, was monitored by the doctor;
  • medical diagnosis - F70.0 light mental backwardness, amblyopia;
  • further treatment - vision correction, glasses;
  • the tests on HBsAg, SED, tuberculosis - negatives;
  • by a court judgment, parents have been deprived from custody rights in February 2010, parents are alcohol abusers, did not provide the appropriate living conditions for their child, child has suffered from negligence. Parents have never visited child, they have never shown interest in child, his current wellbeing or in his future;
  • child has one adult brother, he has not expressed his will to take care of the child.

If there is information at your disposal on family or person who complies with the requirements stated in article 15 of the Convention and who would be interested to become personally acquainted with any of these children or obtain additional information and photos, we kindly ask to inform the Ministry by May 6, 2011.

In addition we would like to inform that due to the fact that the information on the children is provided simultaneously to Central Authorities and accredited bodies of several countries, the information on the child will be provided after May 6, 2011 to the institution representing the family or individual, and, if requested by more than one institution, in accordance with the order of the adoption file submission.


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