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Kā Jūs rīkojaties gadījumos, kad bērns slikti uzvedas?

Cenšos izprast bērna sliktas uzvedības cēloņus

Uz laiku liedzu datora/telefona lietošanu vai citus izklaides pasākumus

Sarāju, brīdinot par sodu nākamajā reizē

Benefit for the compensation of transportation costs 

A person with disability or whose child has a disability and conclusion of medical indication to receive this benefit can receive a benefit for the compensation of transportation costs.

Amount of this benefit is 79.68 euro per each full six month period in 2014.

Amount of the benefit is set equally for all disabled persons with mobility problems. Persons do not have to account for the usage of the granted benefit. 

Person is entitled to receive this benefit from the day when he or she receives the statement of the State Medical Commission for the Assessment of Health Condition and Working Ability (SMCAHCWA), If the person has not received such statement upon disability establishment, he or she can require the physician in charge to provide with assignment to SMCAHCWA in order to receive the statement.

Benefit is paid twice a year for each full six month period starting with the day when the said statement is issued. Payment of benefit is ceased after expiration of disability term. 

If the period of last six months for which the benefit is paid is partial due to the expiration of disability term, the benefit is paid for the entire period regarding it as a six-month period.

Applying for the benefit for compensation of transportation costs the applicant submits a written application to any local office of the State Social Insurance Agency (SSIA):

  • by appearing in person in the local office of the SSIA;
  • electronically providing all the necessary information or using the form available at SSIA homepage (www.vsaa.lv)
  • by sending it via mail and providing all the necessary information or using the form available at SSIA homepage (www.vsaa.lv)."