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Establishment of occupational diseases 

Occupational diseases are diseases characteristic to certain categories of employees which are caused only or mainly by physical, chemical, biological, psychological and other factors present at work place.

Occupational diseases can be divided into the following large groups:

  • acute and chronic illnesses caused by chemical factors;
  • illnesses caused by biological factors;
  • illnesses caused by physical factors;
  • illnesses caused by medicaments;
  • illnesses caused by overwork (general physical overwork or overwork of certain organs or systems);
  • illnesses caused by industrial aerosols;
  • allergic occupational diseases.

Examination of occupational diseases and order of record-keeping pertains to all cases of occupational diseases if employees are being or were exposed to harmful work environment factors. 

If illnesses or their symptoms set out in the Appendix 1 of Regulations for Examination of Occupational Diseases and Procedure of Record-keeping have been established to the employee, he/she is being or was exposed to harmful factors in work environment, he/she can require family doctor to check the health and establish whether the diagnosed illness is occupational disease. If health disorders are established to employee during the health check and they most probably are caused by harmful factors at work environment, the person is appointed to occupational health doctor in order to specify the diagnosis.

If occupational health doctor confirms the possibility of occupational disease diagnosis he/she:

  • appoints the employee for consultation to medical commission in occupational diseases under the respective medical institution or Physician Commission for Occupational Diseases from Occupation and Radiation Pathology Center under State joint-stock company "Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital";
  • appointment to consultation requires an appointment card and record from out-patient health record about the suffered illnesses. 

If occupational disease from occupational diseases list is established to employee, he/she can receive the remuneration.

If medical commission or central medical commission diagnoses occupational disease to employee, he/she turns to family doctor with statement issued by the commission. Family doctor appoints the victim of an occupational disease to the State Medical Commission for the Assessment of Health Condition and Working Ability or its structural unit - general and special medical commission examining capability for work and health in order to establish the loss of capacity for work (in percent) and severity of disability according to the normative acts on the procedure of examining disability.

In order to establish the rights to intended insurance indemnity stipulated in the normative acts, the victim of an occupational disease submits to State Social Insurance Agency documents issued by the medical commission or central medical commission and examination commission.

In case of work injury about which a statement is drawn (due to the possible risk of infecting) but an immediate disability has not set in, the family doctor appoints the employee for a consultation with the medical commission or central medical commission (infection related to the accident at work has been diagnosed later).

Self-employed persons are not insured in case of occupational diseases and thus cannot receive insurance indemnity from SSIA!