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Training and consultations 

According to the Labour Protection Law employer is obliged to ensure the training of employees in field of labour protection.

Employer must ensure that every employee is briefed and trained in labour protection issues which relate directly to his/her work place and tasks.

Immediately after establishing employment relations employer must ensure introductory training to every employee by briefing him/her into labour protection in the company, including the following questions:

1)      type of entrepreneurship and the most important risk factors;

2)      impact of risk factors on safety and health;

3)      internal work regulations;

4)      labour protection system in the company;

5)      significance and sequence of compulsory health checks;

6)      safety signs;

7)      rights and responsibilities of employed persons;

8)      representation of employees;

9)      general requirements for action in emergency situations and accidents at work;

10)  other issues related to labour protection.

Upon starting the employment relations employees must be briefed in tasks to be performed and prepared instructions by showing in practice safe work techniques and briefing into the following questions:

1)      general information about respective establishment, shop, area, site, technological process and equipments, organisation of work and work place;

2)      safe routing of employees within the territory of establishment, area, shop or site;

3)      risk factors related to a certain work place or type of work;

4)      impact of risk factors on health and safety;

5)      safe working techniques;

6)      use of work equipment;

7)      use of means of individual protection;

8)      behaviour in emergency situations and in case of accident at work;

9)      safety signs in the respective work place;

10)  other measures of labour protection;

11)  other questions of labour protection.

Briefing must be repeated not less than once a year (in hazardous type of work - once in six months) and also must take place when work features have been changed, new technologies or utilities introduced, accident at work has taken place or occupational disease established, etc.

Employer must ensure that employees are trained in an understandable way taking into consideration the education, former training, work experience and abilities of employee as well as specific character of work. Employer must make sure that the employee has understood the briefing and training in labour protection.

Briefing is organized during the working hours by providing enough time for qualitative explanation of materials, drilling of practical methods and techniques as well as examination of knowledge.

Employee is obliged to participate in labour protection trainings and briefings provided by employer.

Employer has rights to provide additional training into labour protection for an employee who has violated the requirements of labour protection.

Employer is obliged to consult regarding labour protection with employees or trustees as well as to ensure an opportunity for trustees to participate in meetings where issues of organisation of briefings and trainings are discussed.

Every company must have employees who are trained in delivering the first aid and implementing the measures of fire fighting. Employer must ensure that the number of these employees is sufficient, they are appropriately briefed and provided with the necessary equipments.