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Accident investigation and record keeping  

Accident at work is damage caused to insured person or his/her death if it was caused by extraordinary event during one working day (shift). It could arise while performing the work tasks as well as while saving any person or property in order to prevent a potential threat.

Investigation of accident is a set of measures taken by the investigation commission or State Labour Inspection (SLI) in order to establish:

  • causes of accident;
  • traumatic factors causing the accident;
  • severity of health disorders;
  • and to analyse more profoundly the accident which took place in the work place and to set preventive measures in order to avert the causes of accident in future.

Accidents must be investigated if:

  • accident has caused to employee a loss of capacity for work for more than 24 hours;
  • the victim has died in the work place or death was caused by the impact of work environment factors;
  • victim was bitten by possibly infected animal or insect (for instance, a tick), victim has come into contact with blood or other liquids or items that are infected or possibly infected and after this contact or bite a risk of infecting has been established even if an instant loss or capacity for work has not set in.

Employer must investigate those accidents that have occurred:

  • within the territory of company (work place) and during the working hours including work breaks;
  • while performing work or service tasks outside the territory of company or outside the scheduled working hours, including business trips or missions;
  • moving among objects if such activity is related to the work or service responsibilities as well as based upon the written order or appointment by the employer using the private vehicle for work tasks;
  • being on a vehicle possessed by employer in a direct route to the work or from work or being on a vehicle possessed by the employer during the shifts;
  • performing any action in interests of the employer that ensures the uninterrupted work process or is directed towards preventing the losses or saving the health and life of a person even without employer's order to do so;
  • if a single (not more than within one shift) impact of work environment risk factors has caused to employee an acute illness or exacerbation or chronic illness or health disorders were caused by animals or insects or health disorders were brought about by natural calamity while victim was performing his tasks related to work;
  • while working at other employer or under the guidance of his/her authorized person or while performing the work or service responsibilities after being appointed to another employer (within the territory of other employer);
  • if no employment contract had been signed but State Labour Inspection established that victim was working at the employer.

The most common causes for accidents at work:

  • violation of labour protection instruction requirements;
  • labour protection means and work clothing are not used;
  • choosing inadequate or unsuitable work techniques;
  • insufficient attention during the work;
  • violation of the stipulated work order.

Employees and witnesses of the accident must immediately report to the employer, immediate clerk of the works or labour protection specialist about the accident.

Any accident is investigated by the investigation commission which draws a statement about the respective accident at work (in 4 copies), one copy is given to the victim or his/her representative.

Employers must report all accidents at work to State Labour Inspection. If a severe or possibly severe health disorders have been caused to the victim or he/she has died, employer must immediately report to both SLI and the nearest State Police department.

Objectives of accident investigation:

  • profound examination of facts;
  • reconstruction of situation from technical, human and organizational aspects;
  • assessment of risk factors in order to prevent similar accidents from occurring.

In all cases of legal work employee's social safety is guaranteed by the normative acts of the Republic of Latvia. In compliance with law On Compulsory Social Insurance in Respect of Accidents at Work and Occupational illnesses State Social Insurance Agency grants to the employed person who has suffered a work injury the remuneration for medical, rehabilitation and related additional expenses regarding the loss of capacity for work.