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Compulsory health checks 

Employed persons whose health condition is subjected to harmful factors in work environment and having specific conditions at work must undergo compulsory health check.

Objective of compulsory health check - to ensure timely establishing of health disorders and protect health against the impact of risk factors in work environment. Thus by undergoing compulsory health check, employees would have their health and working ability improved and have less absence from the work due to illnesses.

A person has to undergo compulsory health check:

  • before signing the employment contract (first health check);
  • on a regular basis (regular health check);
  • under changing harmful factors in work environment (extraordinary health check);
  • if initiated by employer;
  • if recommended by labour protection specialist or trustee. 

According to the results of the assessment of work environment risks, employer appoints the employees or persons before signing the employment contract, to the occupational health doctor or directly to do the laboratory and functional tests or to attend specialists according to the Annex 1 and 2 of Provisions. Employee submits test results to the occupational health doctor during the health check.

Upon appointing the employee and person before starting labour relations or state civil service relations to health check employer hands out a health check record in two copies. Doctor keeps one copy but other is given to the employer.

Expenses related to the regular health check are covered by the employer. The first health check is covered by the employee if not agreed otherwise with the employer.

Upon the request by employee, employer must provide a certified copy of employee's health check record.

Employer keeps the compulsory health check records at least for 10 years.

Regular health checks are necessary so that employees could timely:

  • find the early symptoms of occupational disease and stop development of pathologic process;
  • diagnose the sickness which is contraindicated in the respective occupation;
  • receive individual therapeutic and prevention measures.