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Trustee is a person elected by the employees and who is trained according to the requirements set out by the Cabinet of Ministers and represents the interests of the employed in labour protection.

Within one month after electing the trustee, an employer provides to trustees additional training into the labour protection. Trustee has to master the basic skills in labour protection within 50 hours. After mastering the basic skills, trustee receives a document certifying the basic skills in theoretical section. 

Additional training for trustees in labour protection has to be completed within the framework of working hours. All costs related to the additional training are covered by the employer.

In implementation of labour protection measures including risk prevention, employer involves trustee or employed representative and the employed who is familiar with the specific place of work. 

Trustee's rights:

  • to freely express justified opinion of the employees as well as his/her personal opinion regarding the organization and implementation of labour protection system within the company.
  • to receive from employer the internal labour protection normative acts, normative technical documentation, instructions and other labour protection provisions as well as explanations and other information regarding the labour protection;
  • to put forward an initiative to employer to do the measurements of the risk factors of the work environment if complaints have been received from the employees about the work environment risk factors which are harmful to health;
  • to initiate to perform repeated assessment of work environment risks in the work places where an accident had taken place or serious and direct threat to the life and health of employee had been observed;
  • to demand employer to implement the labour protection measures and to make suggestions that, if implemented, could prevent or reduce risk to safety and health of employees;
  • to initiate to employer to conclude an agreement on labour protection, to participate in negotiations regarding the provisions of collective agreement and amendments in the field of labour protection;
  • to access work places according to the order set in the company.

Trustee's responsibilities:

  • to participate in the internal monitor of work environment, including the assessment of work place risk, planning of labour protection measures and assessment of their efficiency;
  • to participate in the investigation of accidents which had taken place at work and putting into operation of production equipments and objects, as well as assessment of conformity of work equipment.

In compliance with Labour Protection Law employer has the following responsibilities in labour protection:

  • to consult with the employees or trustees;
  • to provide an opportunity to trustees to participate in meetings related to:
  • measures which can impact safety and health of employees;
  • development and operation of labour protection organisational structure;
  • appointment of those employees who are trusted in delivering first aid, undertake fire fighting measures and evacuation of employees;
  • internal supervision of work environment;
  • to inform employees about the labour protection also in cases when they are employed by another or several employers;
  • planning and organising briefing and training into labour protection.

If employer wants to terminate the labour relations or civil service relations with the trustee, he/she must at first receive the approval of State Labour Inspection.