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Sending of employees 

According to the Labour Law the employer has rights to send an employee from one European Union (EU) member state to another in order to provide international services.

Sending of employees are the cases when

  • employer sends an employee to another country. It can be executed on the basis of contract with a person on whose behalf the respective work will be performed;
  • employer sends employees to the branch or enterprise included in the holding company located in another country;
  • employment agency as employer sends an employee to the person on whose behalf the work will be performed. It is possible provided that person's company is located in another country or he/she performs his/her tasks in another country.

Employee sent is a person who is performing the work for a certain period in another country.   

If employer sends the employee to perform the work in Latvia the appointed employee is entitled to receive the working conditions and employment terms set in the normative acts of Latvia and collective agreements that stipulate:

  • the maximum working hours and minimum leisure time;
  • minimum annual paid vacation;
  • minimum salary rate as well as additional payment for extra hours;
  • terms for providing with labour force especially by means of employment agencies;
  • safety, health protection and hygiene at work;
  • protective measures for employees under 18, pregnant women, women after delivery as well as the terms of their work and employment;
  • equal attitude towards men and women and also a prohibition of other type of discrimination.

Employer who is sending an employee to perform the work in Latvia is obliged prior to sending of employee to inform State Border Guard and State Labour Inspection by indicating the following data about the respective employee:

  • name and surname;
  • date of launching the work;
  • intended term of employment;
  • place of employment;
  • representative of employer in Latvia:
    • person on whose behalf the work will be performed (receiver of the service);
    • confirmation that the sent employee, being the national of non-member state, legally works at the employer in the member state of European Union, European Economic Area country or Swiss Confederation.

Above mentioned requirements do not pertain to the crews of merchant flees.

State Employment Agency (SEA) is a liaison office ensuring the availability of information in Latvia regarding the employment opportunities and living conditions in EU countries as well as ensuring the availability to laws stipulating the sending of employees abroad.

See the additional information about sending the employees abroad at SEA homepage, State Labour Inspection (SLI) homepage and also by contacting the SLI consultation by phone 67186522 or SLI anonymous phone 67312176.