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Training of labour protection specialists

According to the Labour Protection Law there must be a person in the company who deals with the labour protection solutions - performs internal monitoring of work environment, assesses the risks of work environment, implements the measures of labour protection. In separate cases this person can be the very employer or an employee (labour protection specialist) appointed by him/her but at any rate this specialist must be trained in labour protection issues.

Knowledge in the field of labour protection can be broken into the following categories:

  • basic knowledge that is mastered in the program of professional improvement within 160 hours. Training can be accomplished in accredited educational establishments (see the list of establishments in the State Service of Education Quality internet page www.ikvd.gov.lv in the registry of accredited professional educational establishments)
  • higher level knowledge (1st and 2nd level higher vocational education which can be acquired in the following universities - University of Latvia, Latvia University of Agriculture, Riga Technical University, Daugavpils University, Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration). 

Specialists who have acquired basic knowledge in labour protection have rights to perform the duties of labour protection specialist including the assessment of work environment risk if there are less than five employees in the company as well as in larger companies to which the lists confirmed by the Cabinet of Ministers regarding the types of business activity in which the employer must attract the competent institution does not pertain.

If the lists confirmed by the Cabinet of Ministers pertain to the types of business activity in which the employer must attract competent institution and if there are more than five employees in that company, only labour protection specialist employed in the company has right to do the internal labour protection monitoring and assessment of risk or institution competent in labour protection (see the list of institutions here) must be attracted. Other duties of labour protection specialist in this company can be performed also by specialist with the basic knowledge in labour protection.

Specialists who have acquired professional higher education in labour protection regardless of the size and activity of the company have rights to perform all the duties of labour protection specialist including the internal monitoring of work environment and assessment of work environment risks. 

It must be kept in mind that only person having suitable education, experience and understanding of the field in question can work as labour protection specialist.

The work of labour protection specialist is related to:

  • arrangement of documents;
  • performing of safety tests;
  • briefing and training of employees;
  • risk assessment;
  • determining and organizing of protective measures;
  • choosing of means of individual protection;
  • other duties.