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Technical aids 

Persons with long-term or incessant functional impairment or anatomic defects are entitled to receive state-funded technical aids if they have received a medical conclusion about the necessity of technical aid: to persons with disability group 1, 2 and 3, disabled children up to 18 years of age, children who need a technical aid in order to reduce or prevent functional impairment, majors who need technical aids in order to reduce or prevent functional impairment, persons with anatomic defects - prosthetic appliance or orthopaedic footwear. Procedure according to which persons receive technical aids and terms of technical aids circulation and the list of state-funded technical aids are regulated by the Cabinet of Ministers.

Technical aids are appliances which alleviate person's ability to move, take care of himself/herself and to spend leisure time valuably These are wheelchairs, walking-sticks, crutches, typhlo-equipment and equipment for persons with impaired hearing, orthoses and prosthetic appliances, self-care aids and much more.

Choice of state-funded aids is being regularly revised.

Persons who need technical aids are provided with them by the State Ltd. "National Rehabilitation Centre "Vaivari"". The company has branches outside Riga - in Kuldīga and Rēzekne.

One can receive self-care aids (toilet seats, bath and shower seats, toilet safety frame etc.) and mobility aids (wheelchairs, walking-sticks, crutches, quadruped walking aids, rollators, walking frames) at the State Ltd. "National Rehabilitation Centre "Vaivari"" (address: Rīga, Ventspils Street 53).

Ergotherapists of the State Ltd. "National Rehabilitation Centre "Vaivari"" examine and conclude which aid is necessary and train how to use it. Specialists adjust aids to the individual needs of a person, they can also be repaired.  Centre's ergotherapists also consult about using the aids and adaption of the environment at home, work or place of studies.

One can receive prosthetic appliances, orthoses, hearing aids at the State Ltd. "National Rehabilitation Centre "Vaivari"".

More information about the technical aids and the order of receiving is available at State Ltd. "National Rehabilitation Centre "Vaivari"" (Cenre for Technical Remedies "Vaivari" National Rehabilitation Centre).