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Vocational rehabilitation

State offers vocational rehabilitation services so that persons with disability could master new profession or improve their professional knowledge and skills.

Vocational rehabilitation can be received by persons in able-bodied age if they have established disability and the State Medical Commission for the Assessment of Health Condition and Working Ability (SMCAHCWA) has issued a suggestion to master a new profession. Vocational rehabilitation is provided by the Social Integration State Agency College and Jūrmala Vocational School under the Ministry of Welfare.

One can apply for vocational suitability test and receive additional information by turning to the Social Integration State Agency (SISA) College in Jūrmala, Dubulti, Slokas Street 68, office 204 or by phone 67811750 or at SISA homepage http://www.siva.gov.lv/aktualitates.html. One can test the vocational suitability and apply for the studies all year round.

More information about the possibilities of vocational rehabilitation in Jūrmala and regions is available also in 8 SISA regional support offices. 

In order to receive vocational rehabilitation persons must submit to the SISA:

  • Application with indicated vocational school program and profession;
  • Reference from family doctor about person's current health condition.

In addition to the submitted documents a person must produce:

  • Disability reference issued by SMCAHCWA indicating the necessity for the service;
  • Passport;
  • Documents testifying previous education and qualification;
  • disabled person's disability certificate.

One must also submit a reference about declared place of residence and 4 document photos.

In order to start studies the person must at first go to the SISA (Slokas Street 68, Dubulti, Jūrmala) where each potential student together with a specialist determine which vocational direction matches with his/her abilities before launching the studies.

Studies, staying at dormitory and catering for disabled persons in the SISA educational establishments are free of charge.