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Supplement to the pension

The supplement amounting to 70 santims for every year of employment until year 1996 was granted to the persons receiving the old-age and disability pensions for the insurance term accrued until 31st December 1995 and  taken into account in granting (recalculating) the pension and residing in Latvia and EEA countries until 31st December 2011. For example, if the employment term until year 1996 amounted to 37 years, the supplement to the pension amounted to 25.9 Lats (37 years x 0.70 Lats).

As of 1st January 2012 no supplements are being granted for the insurance term until year 1996, however, the supplements which have been granted before are maintained equal to the current amount.

Persons with disability, to whom the old age pension was granted instead of the disability pension starting from 1 January 2012 and to whom a supplement to the disability pension for the insurance period up to 31 December 1995 was granted until the date of the granting of the old age pension, will be granted a supplement to the old age pension for the insurance period up to 31 December 1995 for the period of disability.