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Sarāju, brīdinot par sodu nākamajā reizē

Rights to retirement pension 

As from 1 January 2014 the general retirement age will be gradually increased from 62 years by three month every year until reaching the age of 65 years. In 2017 the persons who have reached the age of 63 years and whose insurance period is at least 15 years are entitled to receive the old age pension.

The pension can be requested early, i.e. two years before reaching the age required for the old age pension if the insurance period is at least 30 years. The early retirement age in 2017 is 61 years.

Pension home delivery costs 1.74 euro which is deducted automatically from the pension. There are other options - to open an account in the credit institution or post office and receive the pension to the account free of charge.

Useful information regarding the retirement age, service pensions, disabled persons and orphans, as well as other topicalities can be found on the website of the State Social Insurance Agency.