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Recalculation of pensions 

If the person after granting a retirement pension or disability pension (in case of disability group I or II) has worked and made or some other person has made on his/her behalf the social insurance contributions, he/she can demand the recalculation of pension.

The request for recalculation can be submitted to any local office of the State Social Insurance Agency which will examine and adopt the respective decision. Recalculation can be requested once a year regardless of the number of months the person has been working. 

Recalculated retirement pension consists of previously granted pension and pension which has been calculated on the basis of the pension capital accrued by the person after granting a pension.

As from 1 October 2013 amendments to the Law “On State Pensions” entered into force providing for recalculation of the disability pensions taking into account the social insurance contributions.

When a person was insured for disability after the granting of the disability pension or the last recalculation of the pension, the persons who receive the disability pension of I and II category are entitled to request the recalculation of the pension.

When the pension is recalculated, the portion that is assessed taking into account the supplemented contributions will be added to the granted/ recalculated pension. In order to make the recalculation, the persons who receive pensions should submit an application to the department of the State Social Insurance Agency. This recalculation may be done maximum once a year.

The disability pension is granted anew to the persons to whom the disability pension was granted until year 1997 if this person has been insured for disability for a certain period of time.

The disability pension will be granted anew to a person whose disability category changed to category I or II and who has been insured for disability for at least 36 months during the last five years prior to the change of the disability category. In this case, the department of the State Social Insurance Agency will grant the pension anew starting from the date of the change of the disability category, taking into account the information provided by the State Commission of the Health and Working Ability Expertise Doctors and will notify the recipient of the pension. The person does not need to submit an application.

If the disability pension was granted until 1997 and the person has been insured for disability for at least 36 months after 1 January 1996, this person is entitled to claim a new disability pension of category I or II. In this case the pension is granted anew, based on the person’s application, however, it should first be found out whether the person would benefit from this.

The application for granting/ recalculation of the pension (The questionnaire may be filled in before applying to the State Social Insurance Agency).