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Cenšos izprast bērna sliktas uzvedības cēloņus

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Sarāju, brīdinot par sodu nākamajā reizē

Rights to early retirement 

Retirement system in Latvia makes it possible for persons in several cases to retire before reaching the statutory retirement age.

A child's parent or guardian whose insurance term is at least 25 can claim the old-age pension 5 years earlier if, during the time period until the child has reached the age of 18 years:

  1. he or she has been taking care of 5 or more children for at least 8 years;
  2. he or she has been taking care of a disabled child whose disability has been confirmed for at least 8 years for a period of at least 8 years.

Transition period standard  is also effective: woman who has taken care of five or more children or disabled child up to 8 years of age and whose insurance length is less than 30 years but not less than 20 years currently (until 30.06.2017) can request the retirement pension upon reaching 61 years of age.

Such rights are not entitled to persons deprived of custody or trustee rights.

Also participants of mitigation of consequences of Chernobyl nuclear clean-up are entitled to request retirement pension five years earlier.

For the purpose of establishing of the entitlement to the old age pension according to preferential terms (i.e. from an earlier age than generally established) for the period of employment in particularly harmful and particularly heavy working conditions until 1996, the lists that defined the compliance of plants, jobs and professions to the employment category providing the entitlement to the retirement according to preferential terms (lists No. 1 and No. 2 approved by Resolution No. 1173 of the Council of Ministers of the USSR dd. 22 August 1956) until the entry into force of the Law “On State Pensions”.

In compliance with the Law “On State Pensions”, the following persons are entitled to claim the old age pension according to the preferential terms for the employment in particularly harmful conditions:



Retirement age

Total length of service

Specific length of service (until 1.01.1996)


list I


60 years 9 months**



5 years





3 years 9 months


list II


60 years 9 months**



6 years 3 months


60 years 9 months**



5 years

* As of the 1st July every next year the age for granting the pension is increased by six months until the retirement age is attained (65 years).

** As of the 1st January every next year the age for granting the pension is increased by three months until the retirement age is attained (63 years).


Politically repressed persons can demand retirement pension from the age of 57 years 9 months (in 2016) if their insurance length is at least 30 years.