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Pension export 

In order to improve society's knowledge of its social guarantees and confidence in its social safety, everyone needs to get acquainted with their rights and obligations in the field of social safety.

Latvian citizens who are legally working in any of European Union (EU) member states can join the system of social security of the respective country and receive its guarantees. They have the same rights and obligations regarding the social safety in that country as the citizens of the given country.

System of social security covers various risks of the loss of income, for instance, old-age, disability, loss of supporter, illness, work injury, occupational disease, various reimbursements regarding expenses for family with children, unemployment.

When Latvian citizens move to permanent residence in other EU member state, they do not lose their rights to pensions and certain benefits which were granted to them in Latvia. Granted benefits or pension are transferred to the bank account indicated by the person in any of member states (principle of pension and benefit export).

When working and living in other EU member state, the person has rights to receive the following pensions, benefits and remunerations:

  • retirement pensions;
  • disability pensions;
  • survivor's pensions;
  • remuneration related to work injuries and occupational diseases;
  • sickness and maternity benefits;
  • unemployment benefits;
  • funeral benefits;
  • family state benefits; 

If a Latvian citizen during his life has worked in several EU member states, this person is entitled to receive a pension from all these countries. Each country calculates its part for the pension in compliance with its laws and the period the person has worked in the respective country. If person will not have worked in any of EU member states for a period that is required for granting a pension in this country, other employment periods in other EU member states will be taken into consideration.

For instance, for a person to have rights to the pension, he/she must have 15 years length of service in Latvia. If a person has worked 7 years in Latvia and afterwards 9 years in Belgium then upon requesting the pension in Latvia both periods are put together. Thus not only 7 years of work in Latvia but also 9 years in Belgium will be taken into account. Nevertheless Latvia will grant a pension only for 7 years while Belgium will have to grant pension for 9 years of work. 

If a person has worked in the EU member states (both in the existing and new ones) and his/her period of employment has not been fully paid, for instance, person's length of service has not been taken into consideration, he/she can turn to State Social Insurance Agency (SSIA) in order to solve this issue.

Additional information about pension export is available at SSIA home page www.vsaa.lv

Information exchange among member states' institutions is organized by means of forms E. Some of them are handed over also to the person. Forms E that are necessary for implementing social safety rights can be received in the SSIA.

Before starting the labour relations in another member state, please, get acquainted with the information about the conditions regarding employment and social safety of the respective country.

  • Movement within the European Union (here)
  • MISSOC tables about the systems of EU/EEA member states regarding rights at work, social safety etc. fields (here)