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Kā Jūs rīkojaties gadījumos, kad bērns slikti uzvedas?

Cenšos izprast bērna sliktas uzvedības cēloņus

Uz laiku liedzu datora/telefona lietošanu vai citus izklaides pasākumus

Sarāju, brīdinot par sodu nākamajā reizē

Rest time

The weekly rest time within the period of seven days must not be less than 42 hours continuously.

It is prohibited to employ persons under the age of 18 by the written order of employee during the weekly rest time by appointing him/her the rest time in another week if it is required by society's most urgent needs; in order to prevent the consequences brought about by force majeure, random accidents or other external circumstances and which has an adverse impact or can have such impact on the company's routine; in order to complete an urgent, unforseen task within a limited period of time.

Persons under the age of 18 are entitled to receive one month long annual paid vacation and it is not allowed to transfer any part of the paid vacation to the next year.

Annual paid vacation is granted to the employee under the age of 18 in summer season or upon his/her request in any other season. If employee under the age of 18 continues studies, the annual paid vacation must be granted by coordinating it with the holidays in the educational establishment.

  • Children
    • (persons under the age of 15 or persons who continue attending elementary school until the age of 18)

The length of earthday rest time for children within the period of 24 hours must not be less than 14 hours continuously.

  • Adolescents
    • (persons from 15 to 18 years of age not attending elementary school)

The length of earthday rest time within the period of 24 hours must not be less than 12 hours continuously.
Adolescents are entitled to receive a break at work if their working hours last more than four and a half hours. The length of break must not be less than 30 minutes. If possible, adolescent receives a break after he/she has worked half of his/her working hours as agreed.