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  • Topical issues

Every year the European Parliament and the European Commission announce European Year in order to draw attention to a problem that is topical within the European Union. 2012 has been announced European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations on the basis of Decision No 940/2011/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 14 September, 2011.

The Ministry of Welfare is the institution in charge of the European Year in Latvia.

Equal Opportunities Policy Department (please see the employees in charge in the CONTACT section) of the Ministry of Welfare is the structure unit in charge.

The Ministry of Welfare currently forms government committee which will coordinate the implementation of the European Year (2012), draws up a plan for implementation of the European Year (2012) and looks for the potential goodwill ambassadors.

E-news - the most topical and important about the events, informative materials and other issues within the framework of the European Year (2012) in Latvia and EU.

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