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  • Children free for adoption Part XIII (31.03.2010)
 To all recipients attached

Information on adoptable children
The Ministry of Welfare (hereinafter - the Ministry), appreciate our cooperation in the field of foreign adoption, and believes that every child has the right to live in family, according to the Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Cooperation in Intercountry Adoption (hereinafter - the Convention) realization in Latvia, under the Convention Article 16, wishes to provide information on adoptable children to the foreign countries:
1.  Sister, born on 30th July 2000, and brother, born on 24th November 2001:
  • girl has blue eyes, brown hair, she is independent, likes to be well dressed, to draw, to colour and to sing. Girl studies in the special boarding school for children with psycho neurological diseases, the school results are average. She is in the orphanage only during school holidays and weekends. Girl has speech problems, speech culture is low. She is hyperactive, can be aggressive, loud and stubborn, can takes other's stuff without asking;
  • medical diagnosis - light mental backwardness with speech and behaviour troubles. Allergic bronchial asthma, moderate;
  • further treatment - not necessary;
  • brother has gray-greenish eyes, light brown hair, he is kind-hearted, likes drawing, to play with Lego, work with scissors and glue. He likes to participate in the games, but he not always shares with the toys. Boy studies in the special boarding school for children with psychoneurological diseases, has problems to learn. He is in the orphanage only during school holidays and weekends. Boy has speech problems, speech culture is low, he is hyperactive;
  • medical diagnosis - light mental backwardness with speech and behaviour problems. Somatically healthy;
  • further necessary treatment - not necessary;
  • by court judgment mother has been deprived from custody rights in September 2007, boy's father - in September 2008. For the girl paternity has not been stated;
  • children has one younger sister, who has been adopted abroad in 2011. Also one minor stepsister, who lives with her father, one minor stepbrother, who has legal guardian and one minor stepsister, who lives with the mother, there are no relationship between children, the decision of Orphan's Court on separation of the children in case of adoption has been made, also among these two children.

2. Not adoptable

3. Has been adopted

4. Have been adopted

5. Are not adoptable

6. Have been adopted

7. Has been adoped

8. Boy, born on 11th April 2006:

  • boy has grey eyes, light hair, he is active and curious, notices well new actions. His physical development doesn't correspond to his age, he has weak coordination. He can eat independently, to do the personal hygiene he needs the help of an adult. Boy studies in the special nursery school for children with special needs. He needs individual attention, surveillance of specialists;
  • medical diagnosis - poliomyelitis, lower spastic parapesis, mental backwardness, Pes varus, atopic dermatitis, anaemia, esotropy, hypermetropy, the invalidity has been stated;
  • further medical treatment - the surveillance specialists;
  • by court judgment mother has been deprived from custody rights in November 2008, paternity has not been stated. There were dangerous conditions in the biological family, mother was alcohol abused, did not work. Mother has visited him twice in 2009. After not official information, mother has serious health problems (even invalidity has been stated), she has gone to live abroad;
  • boy has one older stepsister, who has legal guardian, she visits boy, but there are no close relationship between them. The guardian of the girl doesn't want to take care of the boy, she agrees to his adoption. The decision of the Orphan's court on separation of the children in case of adoption, has been made;

9. Unavailable

10. Unavailable

11. Unavailable

12. Has been adopted

13. Is not adoptable

14. Unavailable

15.      Boy, born on 21st of July 2001:

  • grey eyes, light brown hair, Child is often reserved, he contacts with others only if there is something taking his interest. Boy often has turns of anger, without any reason, for example, he has woke up in a bad mood, he can become rude, angry. Personal is trying to calm him down by talking. He can be patient and attentive, likes to play with puzzles, coloring, to do applications. Boy studies in the 1st class of elementary school for the second year, he has not learned the material corresponding the school program, has problems with concentration, cant read, he knows letters, but mixes up often, tries to guess the words he reads, cant write down his name. He has not attended the offered interest clubs for long time - he loses interest quickly, he has rich vocabulary of swear words. The social employee of orphanage considers that boy needs individual attention, it could help to have positive behavior development dynamics, also it is possible that boy needs to study following the special program;
  • medical diagnosis - F 98.0 (non organic enuresis), F91.2 (social behavior troubles);
  • further treatment - the surveillance of neurologist, psychiatrist, urologic, medical therapy - Amitriptiline 0,01 once a day, Buronil 0,025 half tablet three times a day;
  • from 10.04.2008. - 30.04.2008. child has received social rehabilitation. For the moment child receives help from psychologist and social educator;
  • adopters must take into account that child is pedagogically neglected, it is necessary to work with him to integrate him successfully in the society;
  • in the summer of 2009 boy took part in the hosting program in France, boy enjoyed it and would like to live in the family. While hosting boy had turns of anger, family had difficulties to cope with it, but she did and his behavior changed for good. Boy doesn't understand the sense of adoption and social educator considers that asking and talking about it could provoke hopes for permanent life in the family. Social employee of the orphanage considers that adoption to the foreign country correspond to child's best interests, he needs support, individual attention and safety;
  • by court judgment the mother has been deprived from custody rights in April 2009, paternity has not been determined. Mother is alcohol abused, since April 2008 she has visited him for three times and has gave him hopes and promises, she will never keep. Child has been taken from family in 2003 for the 1st time and lived in the orphanage until August 2006 as mother expressed the wish to educate and upbringing him herself, but until April 2008, when child was placed in the orphanage for the 2nd time. Boy has also one sister, who has visited him for 3 times. He speaks about her, but doest show any desire to be with her, and one major brother, who lives in the same orphanage on weekends and holidays as he studies in the boarding school, there are good relationship between them, but major brother doesn't show interest in him;
  • child has one major sister, who is not able to take care of the boy as she doesn't have permanent work and place of residence, she doesn't agree to adoption, and one major brother who studies in the boarding school and is not able to take care of the boy.


16.      Has been adopted:


17.      Has been adopted:


If there is information at your disposal on family or person who complies with the requirements stated in article 15 of the Convention and who would be interested to get personally acquainted with any of these children or obtain additional information and photos, we ask to inform the Ministry until the 19th of April 2010.

At the same time we want to inform that tidings about the children has been furnished simultaneously to Central Authorities and accredited bodies of several countries, therefore information about the child will be given after the 19th of April 2010, and at first to that institution whose represented family or adopter has been submitted adoption file faster than other adopters.



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