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02.10.2013. No. 33-2-02/671 

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Information on adoptable children

The Ministry of Welfare (hereinafter "the Ministry") appreciating the cooperation in the field of foreign adoption, and believing that every child has the right to live in a family, in accordance with the implementation in Latvia of article 16 of the Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Cooperation in Intercountry Adoption (hereinafter "the Convention"), hereby provides information on adoptable children for whom families are being sought abroad:

1. Adopted


2. Adopted


3. Adopted


4. Boy, born on February 24, 2011:

  • boy has grey-bluish eyes and light hair. He loves individual attention, gladly attends different sessions. Especially the boy loves musical toys, in the class gladly drives with a toy cars. Gladly looks picture books together with a caregiver. The boy has very good appetite, he eats a lot. The boy sleeps well during the night and the day but sometimes before felling asleep he rocks in his bed. The boy is rocking also during the day (often standing by the door). The boy speaks "in his own language" a lot;
  • child was born to 36 years old mother, from her 7th pregnancy, in the 7th delivery, with weight of 2540 g and height - 47 cm;
  • child started to sit at the age of 1 year and 3 months, to crawl at the age of 12 months, to walk independently at the age of 1 year and 10 months, child had 2 teeth at the age of 9 months;
  • child has been treated in a hospital:
  • 28.02.2011. - 06.03.2011. - human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) disease with an infectious or parasitic disease (B20), cleft palate, OU retinopathy, IIA; the possibility of intrauterine infection (TPHA positive);
  • 25.11.2011. - 15.12.2011. - lack of protein energy, antenatal central nervous system damage (alcohol fetopathie), central damage of right facial nerve, physical development delay, Myopia congenita, hard palate cleft, right cryptorchidism, horseshoe kidney, HIV exposition, pectus excavatum (scabies). Child entered in the hospital at the age of 9 months weighing 4380 g;
  • 30.05.2012. - 01.06.2012. - cryptorchidism dextra surgery;
  • child has been consulted by:
  • neurologist (26.11.2011.) - psychomotor development delay, multiple stigmas, hypo-trophic child, damage of right facial nerve, possible antenatal damage of central nervous system, alcohol fetopathie;
  • ultrasonography of abdominal organs (30.11.2011.) - viewing interfered due to flatulence. Liver without changes in structure. Horseshoe kidney (?), possible child has pyelonephritis in left kidney, control in dynamic;
  • echo-cardioscopy (01.12.2011.) - no data on VCC;
  • roentgen for spine (29.02.2012.) - spine dextroscoliosis;
  • orthopedist (30.10.2012.) - spine dextroscoliosis, operative treatment is not indicated. Recommended remedial gymnastics and massages;
  • neuro-sonoscopy (05.12.2012.) - insufficient differentiation of brain structures;
  • dermatologist (19.12.2012.) - acute pyoderma;
  • physiotherapst (15.01.2013.) - assessment after Munich Functional Developmental Diagnostics. Child's psychomotor development is lagging behind in all categories on average it corresponds to 15 months. Walking and speech comprehension age lags behind by 5 months, manual dexterity and perception age lags behind by 4 months, speaking and social age lags behind by 8 months, independency age lags behind by 2 months. Gross motor - walks freely few steps, crawls coordinately. Is able to climb up and down from the couch. Fine motor - draws streaks and dots, is able to place the end of the string in the hole of a small ball, amends the bottle cap back and forth, leafs pages in the book. Is not able to put the pyramid yet. Perception - is able to insert large circle in a vent-peg, is able to put small pots in one another, pulls a toy, which is tied in a string, to himself. Social age - likes  attention of the adults, smiles, comes to hug. Mostly is playing alone, gives the ball to adult. In an unknown environment becomes funky and insecure. Behaves more cautious with strangers. Began to show a "bye-bye" gesture. Independence - eats holding a spoon while sitting by the children's table, does not hold a cup, needs a help;
  • speech therapist (16.01.2013.) - child is 22 months old, speech age corresponds to 10.5-14.5 months, language comprehension age corresponds to 13-17 months. The boy makes double-syllables. Language development delay (palate);
  • face surgeon (02.03.2011.) - very wide bilateral cleft palate, surgery no sooner than at the  age of 3 to 4 years;
  • laboratory test made on:
  • HBsAg (02.03.3011.) - negative;
  • Anti HCV (02.03.3011.) - negative;
  • HIV 1Ag (01.12.2011.) - negative;
  • Trepanema Pallidum antivielas IgM (29.11.2011.) - negative;
  • TPHA (16.04.2012.) - negative;
  • final medical diagnosis - antenatal central nervous system damage. Alcohol fetopathie. Congenital developmental abnormalities. Cryptorchidism. Spine dextra scoliosis. Hard palate cleft. Deformation of thorax. Horseshoe kidney. Physical development delay. Language development delay. Atopic dermatitis, allergy to yolk. Myopia I grade;
  • further necessary treatment - hypo-allergic diet, control to the oculist, consultation of the surgeon, consultation of the orthodontist, remedial gymnastics, sessions to the speech therapist, to continue physiotherapy and ergotherapy sessions to improve psychomotor development of the child;
  • by a court verdict in January 2012 the mother was deprived of custody rights. The paternity for the boy has not been stated. The mother of the child did not provide the child with a necessary care and nourishment, thereby threatening life of the child. Child was hospitalized in a severe health condition. The child has suffered from insufficient care and insufficient nourishment. After finishing the treatment course and discharging from the hospital, the boy in an out-of-family care institution received nourishment corresponding his needs, child also received physiotherapy and ergotherapy. In dynamic little by little child's health is improving. The mother has alcohol dependency, due to regular and extensive alcohol consumption the mother has lost the skill to evaluate adequately the necessary care which the child needs. The mother of the child already had been deprived of custody rights for 5 children, they all are adopted;
  • child has 1 older minor stepsister who is in the care of her father and 1 younger minor brother who is in the care of the mother. The decision of Orphans' Court on separation of the children in case of adoption has been made.


5. Not adoptable


     If there is information at your disposal on family or person who complies with the requirements stated in article 15 of the Convention and who would be interested to become personally acquainted with any of these children or obtain additional information and/or photos, we kindly ask to inform the Ministry by October 13, 2013.

Additionally  would like to inform that due to the fact that the information on the children is provided simultaneously to Central Authorities and accredited bodies of several countries, the information on the child will be provided after October 13, 2013 to the institution representing the family or individual, and, if requested by more than one institution, in accordance with the order of the adoption file submission.


Deputy State Secretary                                                                                    I.Alliks


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