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Active Ageing Project

With the support of the European Union the Ministry of Welfare is implementing an active ageing project „Latvia: Developing a Comprehensive Active Ageing Strategy for Longer and Better Working Lives".

The objective of the project is to develop an evidence-based and comprehensive active ageing strategy in Latvia that would facilitate longer and better working lives taking into account the considerable demographic challenges that the country is currently facing.

Specific tasks of the project:

  • to analyse the profile of the population aged 50 and older (further - 50+) (economic activity, level of education, health, others) and their labour market participation characteristics;
  • to identify main obstacles, incentives and disincentives for the 50+ population to stay in the labour market;
  • to assess the existing measures and identify applicable best practice examples for active and healthy ageing;
  • to outline the challenges for healthy ageing and the policy measures needed to support better health outcomes for 50+;
  • to evaluate the steps needed to improve the provision (both public and private), participation and effectiveness of lifelong learning activities;
  • to prepare evidence-based recommendations for developing a comprehensive active ageing strategy.

Within this project the World Bank will carry out a study and give recommendations for the improvements in active ageing situation and for developing an active ageing strategy. At the same time the Ministry of Welfare has formed strategic partnership with the Austrian Federal Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs and Consumer Protection, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of Poland and Ministry of Social Affairs of the Republic of Estonia in order to exchange good practices and experience during study visits and seminars. Seminars will cover general active ageing issues as well as specific topics, such as employment, health, social security and care for family members.

In order to ensure a smooth implementation of the project a management team has been created, the tasks comprise cooperation with the World Bank team, assessment of the study's recommendations and developing proposals for the active ageing strategy.

The project implementation period is from March, 2014 to February, 2016.

World Bank report "The Active Aging Challenge for Longer Working Lives in Latviapdf.gif - 641 B"

Project activities:

Seminar on General Active Ageing Issues
Study visit to the Austrian Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection
Seminar on Employment Issues
Seminar on Health Issues
Study visit to the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of Poland
Seminar on Social Protection Issues
Study visit to the Ministry of Social Affairs of Estonia
Seminar on Care for Family Members
Conference “Active Ageing for Longer and Better Working Lives”