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Job Contract

Job contract is a written agreement between the employee and the employer about the job to be performed and the wage. This is required by the Labour Law.

With the job contract:

  • employee undertakes to perform a certain job and to obey certain procedures and employer's instructions;
  • employer undertakes to pay the wage settled and provide safe and harmless working conditions.

The following shall necessarily be included in the job contract:

  • employee's name, surname, personal ID, address, the employer's name, (surname), number of the register and address;
  • date of the commencement of the employment;
  • in the case of temporary job contract, the term of employment;
  • working place;
  • employee's profession accordingly to the Classification of Professions and the description of the job;
  • amount of the remuneration and the date of payment;
  • daily or weekly working hours;
  • length of the annual paid vacation;
  • term of notice for the job contract;
  • whether there is a general agreement and the work order regulations.

Job contract is usually prepared in 2 copies. One of them is kept by the employee, the other - by the employer. Every employee has the right to demand a written contract of job.

There are 2 kinds of job contracts:

  • job contract of indefinite term - there is no set date for the termination of the job contract;
  • temporary job contract - this is made only under special conditions, like, for a seasonal job, for occasional jobs, when substituting the colleagues and other. The date or the conditions of termination of the job contract have to be stated. Temporary job contract must not exceed 3 years.

Employee with a temporary contract has the same rights as the employees with the indefinite term job contracts.

A test period may be set in the job contract so that the employer can make sure that the employee is able to perform the task assigned. The test period must not exceed 3 months. The time while employee had been ill or had not been able to work because of justifying conditions is excluded from the test period. The test period can not be set for employees under 18 years of age.

Upon mutual agreement, the employee and employer may change in written the conditions of the job contract.