Ministry of Welfare is the leading institution of the state administration in the areas of labour, social security, children's and family rights as well as equal rights for people with disability and gender equality.

The mission of the Ministry of Welfare is to stabilize the condition of a person in the situations of social risk, to reduce the possibility that the social risk would occur by facilitating honest legal labour relationships, healthy and safe work conditions, gender equality thus creating the opportunities to everybody to secure a sufficient life quality themselves in any given situation.

The work of the Ministry of Welfare is focused in 4 directions:

  • Compensation for the lost income and additional expenses in the case of a social risk. The main tasks are the following:
    • To ensure an income replacement in the case of retirement, disability, maternity, illness or unemployment; 
    • To secure the functionality and development of the state social insurance system.
  • Financial support to the specific groups of population. The main task is:
    • To improve the financial situation of the families with children, of disabled persons, of elderly people, of children without supporters, of the liquidators of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident.
  • Measures to secure and implement the social rights. The main tasks are as follows:
    • To increase the competitive capacity and quality of the labour force, to reduce unemployment;
    • To ensure the protection of the employees' rights to a legal, safe and harmless work environment and to reduce the illegal employment;
    • To ensure that the social services and social assistance are professional and of a high quality.
  • Planning and supervision of the implementation of the policy in the welfare field. The main task is:
    • To plan and implement effective and result-oriented policies in the areas of the competence of the Ministry.

Ministry of Welfare is the institution responsible for implementation of the measures co-financed by the funds of European Union. In the field of welfare a support of both European Social Fund and European Regional Development Fund is available.

Ministry of Welfare operates in conformity with the Law of State Administration and the Constitution of the Ministry of Welfare. The priorities of the working policies of the Ministry are set accordingly to the Declaration of the Intended Agenda of the Cabinet of Ministers and the documents of policy planning developed by the Ministry.