Activity 4.4. “Study visit of a maximum of three employees of SSPF to EU Member States (Latvia)” was implemented from September 22 to 26.

The goal of this study visit is to make discussions less abstract by providing a point of reference, a system that is operating successfully. The Study visit will help show how the pension systems are in reality in Latvia and have actual “hands-on” experience of how the systems operate on a day-to-day basis on working level.
Representatives of SSPF visited Ministry of Welfare, Ministry of Finance, State Revenue Service, State Social Insurance Agency (SSIA) and three of its branch offices, the Financial and Capital Market Commission, SEB Open Pension Fund, Swedbank Open Pension Fund and Riga IT Demo centre.
Representatives from SSPF had opportunity to see practically how each pillar of pension system of Latvia works, what main tasks and duties of institutions involved in management and execution processes are and how all pension pillars operate.   


 “This  publication  has  been produced with the assistance of the European Union.  The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of the Twinning  project  partners  (Ministry of Welfare of the Republic of Latvia and  German Association for Social Security Policy and Research) and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union.”