Support for social security

For the purpose of providing support to the people in the situation which has got formed in Latvia in the result of the financial and economic crisis as well as the structural reforms of several branches, on the 8th September 2009 the Cabinet of Ministers the Social Security Net strategy (Strategy) for years 2009-2011. Within the framework of this strategy the implementation of emergency security measures was started in several areas as from the 1st October 2009 providing for the following:

  • to provide the guaranteed minimum income (GMI) for needy persons at the same time increasing the level of GMI;
  • to provide the job in municipalities thus encouraging the employment;
  • to ensure the availability of basic healthcare services and basic pharmaceutical for persons with low income;
  • to ensure transport services in education system, as well as availability of preschool education;
  • to ensure the public transport services for passenger categories with transport fee preferences.

The operation of the Strategy was planned till the 31st December 2011 providing for a possibility to extend its operation if the consequences of the financial and economic crisis have not been eliminated and the social situation has not approved until the end of 2011. In November 2011 the Cabinet of Ministers supported the extension of the operation of several measures of the Strategy also into 2012, i.e. in the areas of welfare, health and transportation.