The State Employment Agency of Latvia (SEA) provides assistance to the unemployed, job seekers and people at risk of unemployment to promote their competitiveness in the labour market according to their needs, abilities and implements active labour market policy (ALMP) measures. Involvement of registered unemployed in ALMPs is based on an individual approach, a profiling system is used to choose the most suitable support measures and path to the labour market for each unemployed. As a result of profiling, an individual job search plan is prepared, and persons are involved in the most suitable ALMP measures sequenced in a way that would ensure the most effective labour market outcome based on job opportunities by demographic characteristics, self-esteem and motivation to look for a job and cooperate with the SEA.

According to the Law on Support to Unemployed Persons and Persons Seeking Employment, active labour market policy measures are as follows:

  • Career guidance
  • Development of basic skills and competences
  • Vocational training
  • Non-formal training
  • On the job training
  • Subsidised employment
  • Paid temporary public works
  • Measures for entering self-employment or business start-ups
  • Motivation programme for long-term unemployed
  • Promotion of regional mobility
  • Other measures.

For more information on ALMP measures see also section Labour Market Reports and Statistics.

For more detailed information on ALMP measures visit website of the State Employment Agency.

General provisions for implementation of ALMP measures are stated in the Regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 75 of 25 January, 2011 ”Regulations Regarding the Procedures for Organising and Financing of Active Employment Measures and Preventative Measures for Unemployment Reduction and Principles for Selection of Implementers of Measures”.