Operational Programme will substitute former European Commission food distribution programme 2006-2013 in Latvia.

The aim of the operational programme in Latvia is to reduce food deprivation and household with children material deprivation, while reducing the social exclusion of the most deprived persons.

Public expenditure of the operational programme is 48 264 082 EUR (85% - FEAD funding, 15% - national co-financing).

FEAD in Latvia will ensure the distribution of food and basic material assistance to the most deprived persons nationwide, combined where applicable with accompanying measures.

Food packages will include products in respect of each product suitability for distribution, duration of validity, method of preparation (amount of used electricity or natural gas for product preparation), and storage conditions - does not require special temperature conditions. Potential content of food packages: milk powder, pasta, rice, buckwheat, manna, wheat flour, canned meat, oat flakes, oil, sugar. Expected amount of food packages per year: 534 200 packages for approx. 98 000 end recipients per year.

Basic material assistance packages will include hygiene and household items (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, laundry detergent, dish detergent etc.) and individual school materials (stationery, school bags, materials necessary for creating object or product for child’s needs etc.). Expected amount of basic material assistance packages per year: 150 400 hygiene and household item packages, 29 500 individual school material packages per year for 49 000 children per year (incl. ~ 30 800 pupils).

In addition there will be implemented also additional measures - information measures (information on opportunities to receive social assistance, social services, on the procedures in relation to employment opportunities, medical care, on the possibilities for leisure time etc.), individual and group work, providing individual and multi-professional counselling, support groups in solving social problems etc. and informal educational activities that focus on the development of practical living skills, including cooking, laundry, house cleaning, household budgeting, parenting, job search etc.

Society Integration Foundation as Intermediate Body of FEAD will select the partner organisations for the distribution of all the types of packages.

Partner organisations will be organisations registered according to the legal acts regulating status of associations and foundations or religious organisations and has been working in the field of charity or social inclusion of vulnerable groups during the last 12 months as of the deadline for submission of application and local governments or their bodies.

Society Integration Foundation as Financial Beneficiary of FEAD will ensure public procurement for selection of suppliers.

Supplier will purchase food products and items of basic material assistance, pack them and transport packages to the storages of partner organizations in 5 days on demand of partner organization.

Persons who will have the rights to receive the assistance from the Fund:

  • Persons/households who have been granted a status of a low-income person or family evidenced by a written statement issued by local government (status determination period is 3 or 6 months);
  • Persons/households who have been granted a status of person or family in crisis or emergency situation evidenced by a written statement issued by local government (status determination period is 3 months).