The employee whose rights have been violated may apply to both the competent authority of the country to which he has been posted to carry out work (usually - the Labour Inspectorate) and the competent authority of his/her respective country (in Latvia - the State Labour Inspectorate).

If a dispute with the employer is not settled by negotiation between the employee and the employer, or the employee, the employer and the Labour Inspectorate, then the employee may appeal to the court. According to the Latvian Civil Procedure Law, employee claims for the recovery of wages and other claims arising from an employment relationship or are related thereto, are exempted from the payment of court fees.

In addition an employee whose rights have been violated may apply to the Free Trade Union Confederation of Latvia.

  • According to the Labour Law, in the event the fulfilment of the contractual obligations in whole or in part has been transferred to the employer as a subcontractor, but the employer has failed to pay the wages to the employee by the deadline specified in the employment contract or the collective agreement, the employee shall be entitled to claim the payment of the unpaid wage from the person who transferred the full or partial fulfilment of the contractual obligations to the employer. However, in this case the total amount of the wage claimed by the employee within the framework of the respective contract shall not exceed the minimum wage rate as determined in the country to which the employee has been posted. Please note that this provision only applies to those cases when the employee is posted to carry out works in connection with the construction of buildings or specialized construction works.