Social Protection and Labour Market Policy Guidelines 2021-2027

Social Protection and Labour Market Policy Guidelines 2021-2027 is a medium-term policy planning document that determines policy objectives promoting inclusive labour market for the time period up to 2027. One of the goals of the Guidelines 2021-2027 is to support a more inclusive labour market by giving the opportunity to the residents of Latvia to fully use their human resources potential, inter alia, by reducing social consequences of unemployment, supporting the return of jobless people to the labour market and retaining persons from groups at risk of social exclusion on the labour market as long as possible, as well as by improving job quality.

The purpose of the Law is to provide support for unemployed persons, persons seeking employment and persons at risk of unemployment to facilitate their ability to be competitive on the labour market. The Law defines the criteria for obtaining the status of an unemployed person, the rights and duties of an unemployed person, the division of responsibilities among the ministries in the area of employment, the functions of the State Employment Agency, the scope of active labour market measures etc.

Law On Unemployment Insurance

The purpose of the Law is to regulate the procedures by which services intended by State social insurance in case of unemployment are to be provided, to specify the range of persons who are entitled to receive such services and the duties and obligations of such persons. The Law defines the eligibility criteria for unemployment benefit receivers, the calculation, duration, suspension and termination of unemployment benefits.

Regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers Regarding the Procedures for Organising and Financing of Active Employment Measures and Preventative Measures for Unemployment Reduction and Principles for Selection of Implementers of Measures

The Regulations define the detailed scope of active labour market measures (career guidance, training measures, subsidized employment, public works, business start-ups, regional mobility etc.) and selection procedures of service providers within active labour market measures. For more information on active labour market measures see also section Labour Market Reports and Statistics.