Joint Statement 11 March 2022

We, the Ministers of Social Affairs of Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Slovakia are appalled by Russia's unprovoked attack on Ukraine and deeply moved by the human tragedy it has caused. We express our full solidarity with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people and strongly condemn Russia’s aggression.

Russia's anti-humanitarian military actions against Ukraine are essentially directed against the entire order of Europe and of the World.

United by history and common democratic values, all parties declare to cooperate in providing assistance to Ukrainian refugees fleeing from the war.

We will take the necessary measures to facilitate access to our labour markets for Ukrainian citizens. We will provide Ukrainian children, youth and other vulnerable groups with access to the necessary care and benefits.

We declare our full readiness to take all possible measures to provide refugees with accommodation and help them to live in dignity in our countries during the war.

The actions taken by our countries and other Member States of the EU related to the wave of refugees are of unprecedented nature and size, while the Central European Member States are the most affected. Therefore, we invite the European Commission to support all efforts by special measures.

Together for Ukraine! Slava Ukraini!