The presiding state of the European Union (further - presidency) leads the work of the Council of the European Union (the Council of the European Union is called European Council when it brings together the heads of states of the European Union, or the Council of Ministers when the ministers of the respective fields meet). The presidency, in coordination with the European Commission, organizes the agenda of the European Council and Council of Ministers, according to the priorities set out by the presidency. The presidency is changed every 6 months in accord with the principle of rotation.

The priorities of Hungarian Presidency in the field of employment and social policy
/the first half of the year 2011/

The presiding country of the European Union - Hungary (January 1 - June 30, 2011) has put forward the main priorities of the first half of the year 2011 in the field of employment and social policy.

In the field of employment an increased attention will be paid to the strategy "EU-2020", especially its key initiatives "Youth in Movement" and "Program for New Skills and Workplaces" in order to promote the youth's alignment with the labour market. At the same time taking into consideration the proposals by the European Commission it is planned to revise the Directive on employees' protection against the risk caused by the electromagnetic waves as well as extending the area of six work rights directive applying it also to mariners.

One of priorities of the Hungarian Presidency is also a discussion on demographic changes, paying a special attention to issues of coordination the work and family life. Therefore it is planned to propose announcing one of the coming years as European Year of Families. 

In the field of social security and social inclusion Presidency plans to organize 10 EU level meetings for persons in poverty situation.  Regarding the key initiative "European Platform Against Poverty" of the strategy "EU 2020" it is planned to pay a great attention to combating children poverty. In the field of disability it is planned to continue the implementation of European Disability Strategy as well as revise the implementation of UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in the member states.

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