Press information

Since July 1, 2019 the new type of allowance shall be implemented – allowance for child adoption. Procedure of new support for adopters after the decision of court on the adoption approval coming into effect is regulated by amendments to Law on State Social Allowance issued by the Saeima this spring and provisions “Procedure how allowance for child adoption shall be granted and paid” issued by the Cabinet of Ministers.

Amount of monthly allowance shall depend on the age of child. For each child since the birth till 7 years allowance shall be amounted in 25 percent from minimal monthly salary stated by Government. While the minimal salary in Latvia is EUR 430, amount of this allowance shall be EUR 107,5 per month. Amount of allowance for each child from 7 years to 18 years shall be 30 percent from minimal monthly salary stated by Government (EUR 129 per month).

Due to the proposal of the Minister of welfare, the Cabinet of Ministers can review the amount of allowance pursuant to the options of State Budget upon assessment of national economic situation and considering average actual consumer price index stated by Central Statistics Bureau.   

Allowance for child adoption shall be granted and paid by State Social insurance agency (VSAA) on the basis of the application of person. Granting and payment of the allowance for child adoption for the period from July 1, 2019 shall be launched by VSAA not later than from October 1, 2019. This period is required for VSAA to ensure all necessary changes in the information systems.