Very important element of state social security is organization of establishment of disability. First and repeated disability examination is performed by the State Medical Commission for the Assessment of Health Condition and Working Ability (State Commission) which consists of Riga joint section and 11 medical commissions.

Disability is lasting or unceasing impairment of function at grave, severe or moderate level that impacts the mental or physical abilities, working ability, self-care and social inclusion of the person.

Disability depending on the impairment level of physical or mental abilities is categorized as follows:

  • in case of grave form of disability, group I disability is conferred to the person – the loss of ability to work is 80-100 %;
  • in case of severe disability, group II disability is conferred to the person – the loss of ability to work is 60-79 %;
  • in case of moderate disability, group III disability is conferred to the person – the loss of ability to work is 25-59 %.

For children up to 18 years of age disability is established without specifying the disability group.

Establishment of disability is regulated by the Regulations No.805 of the Cabinet of Ministers of December 23, 2014 "Regulations on criteria, time limits and sequence of the establishment of prognosticable disability, disability and loss of capacity for work".

In order to perform the disability examination a person must at first visit the family doctor or attending physician who is going to decide whether to appoint the person to undergo disability examination at State Commission taking into consideration the results of comprehensive health checks and appropriate treatment. In order to undergo disability examination, a person or his/her legal representative submits to State Commission an application asking for the disability examination. It can be done in person, electronically according to the normative acts on execution of electronic documents or via mail. The following documents must be added to the application:

  • appointment to Commission by attending physician (form No. 088/u);
  • functional capability of self- esteem – for the persons until 18 years of age - ;
  • the social service of the local government social worker or an occupational therapist fill in personal activities of daily living and the environment assessment questionnaire, if the inspection must be carried out for a specific care medical indication;
  • work disability form B, if it has been issued;
  • other medical documentation of the person if family doctor or attending physician or person himself considers it necessary for the disability examination;

On the basis of the results of examination, State Commission would adopt a decision regarding the establishment of disability for the person. Disability is established for a limited period or without time limit (disability conferred for the entire life) after which a repeated disability examination is required:

  • for the person until 18 years of age: to one, two, five years of up to 18 years of age if the diseases stipulated in Appendix 7 of Regulations No. 805 of the Cabinet of Ministers were diagnosticated;
  • for the person after 18 years of age: to six months, one, two, five years or without time limit (disability conferred for the entire life) after which a repeated disability examination is required, if functional impairments stipulated in Appendix 5 are diagnosticated to this person

Day when person has submitted the application to State Commission asking for the disability examination is considered the date of establishing of disability.

Since January 1, 2011, after reaching the retirement age set in the state, upon the repeated disability examination the disability status is retained also in cases if functional impairments due to which the disability was established are related with objective changes in organism brought about by the age and diagnosicated before the retirement age.

As of January 1, 2011, an individual rehabilitation plan can be elaborated for the person with disability as follows:

  • person is appointed to the disability examination by family/attending physician, the 2nd section of the form Individual Rehabilitation Plan and the 1st section of the mentioned form together with the patient is filled out.
  • if upon establishing the disability State Commission adopts a decision that it is necessary to elaborate individual rehabilitation plan, it fills out the 3rd section of the form and gives it together with treatment and medical rehabilitation measures indicated by the attending physician as well as suggestions by State Commission to the person with disability.
  • person with disability who wants to receive elaborated individual rehabilitation plan for the person with disability, submits the form of the plan to the Municipal social service.
  • Municipal social service elaborates the above mentioned plan by filling out the 4th section and monitors its implementation. By elaborating and implementing the individual rehabilitation plan for the person with disability, the service cooperates with the attending physician of the respective person and, if necessary, also with other specialists and the very person.

Additional information about the procedure of disability examination and working hours of State Commission departments can be found in the State Commission homepage as well as by calling to Riga joint sections or regional medical commissions to the indicated phone numbers:

Riga Joint Section
Address: 53 Ventspils Street, Riga, LV-1002
Phone: 67892324
Fax: 67602982
E-mail address:

Riga Specialised Section
Address: 53 Ventspils Street, Riga, LV-1002
Phone: 67394101
Fax: 67394155
E-mail address:

Daugavpils Section
 60/62 L.Dārza Street, building No. 4, Daugavpils, LV-5404
Phone: 65431184
Fax: 65431183
E-mail address:

Gulbene Section
Address: 2a Ozolu Street, Gulbene, LV-4401
Phone: 64473158
Fax: 64473159
E-mail address:

Jelgava Section
Address: 69 Filozofu Street, Jelgava, LV-3001
Phone: 63023232
Fax: 63085025
E-mail address:

Jēkabpils Section
 1 Stadiona Street, Jēkabpils, LV-5201, Room No. 406
Phone: 65235044
Fax: 65235044
E-mail address:

Kuldīga Section
 34 Liepājas Street, Kuldīga, LV-3301
Location: Map/picture!
Phone: 63322823
Fax: 63322823
E-mail address:

Liepāja Section
 20/24 Aldaru Street, Liepāja, LV-3401
Phone: 63425534
Fax: 63425534
E-mail address:

Rēzekne Section
 16a Zemnieku Street, Rēzekne, LV-4601
Phone: 64622360
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Valmiera Section
 195 Jumaras Street, Valmiera, LV-4201
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Phone: 64202508
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