An employer who posts an employee to perform work in Latvija has a duty, prior to posting the employee to inform in writing in the Latvian language the Latvian State Labour Inspectorate regarding such posted employee, indicating:

  1. the given name, surname and address of a natural person who is employer, or the name (business name) of the legal entity (company), its registration number, address and other contact information (telephone number, e-mail address);
  2. the given name and surname of the employee;
  3. the anticipated duration of the posting, as well as the date of commencement and completion of work;
  4. the location of performing the work (if the performance of work duties is not intended in some certain place, specify that the employee may be employed in different locations);
  5. representative of the employer, including the given name, surname and contact information:
    • who is authorised to represent the employer in the State institutions of Latvia and in a court;
    • to whom the parties of the collective agreement may refer in order to launch negotiations regarding the entering into of a collective agreement in accordance with the provisions of the Labour Law. Please note that the employer may assign two different persons – a different one for each of the above cases, or the same person for both cases.
  6. a person for whose benefit the work will be performed (recipient of a service) as well as the nature of the services justifying the posting,
  7. a certification that the posted employee who is a third-country national legally works for an employer in the European Union Member State, the European Economic Area State or the Swiss Confederation.

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