General agreement is concluded between the employers whose goods turnover or the volume of services comply with the requirements of Section 18, Paragraph four of the Labour Law and Latvian Builders Trade union.

The General Agreement shall be binding on all employers - natural or legal persons or legal partnerships, which, based on an employment contract, employ at least one employee who performs the commercial activities in the construction industry within the territory of the Republic of Latvia, regardless of whether the employer has registered or has not registered the type of activity.

The general agreement is in force from 3 November 2019 to 31 December 2025.

It provides that the minimum monthly wage in the construction sector for normal working hours shall be 780 euros.  The minimum hourly wage rate for the construction workers shall be 4.67 euros.

The overtime pay for construction employees shall be set at 50 percent of the fixed wages, however in case of a lumpsum payment - not less than in the amount of 50 percent from the price of the piece-work for the volume of works performed.

Construction employees shall receive a supplemental pay of 5 percent according to the applicable industry minimum monthly wage if they have completed an education that corresponds to their profession, as evidenced by an educational document issued by a professional or higher education institution.

The reporting period of aggregate working hours for the Construction employees shall be 6 months. In a collective agreement, an enterprise may agree on another reporting period not exceeding 12 months.