In order to support incapacitated (rendered unable to work) family members in the event of the death of their breadwinner (support person), the state grants a survivor's pension. This pension can be received by the following types of persons:

  • children of the deceased person which are under the age of 18, as well as children regardless of age, if they have become a person with a disability before reaching the age of 18;
  • siblings and grandchildren of the deceased person which are under the age of 18, if they do not have able-bodied parents, as well as regardless of age, if they became a person with a disability before reaching the age of 18 and they do not have able-bodied parents.

The pension can also be received after the age of 18 years, if these family members are pupils or studying in general, vocational education institutions, colleges or universities full-time and have not reached the age of 24.

The survivor's pension shall be granted to the children of the deceased person, whether or not (independent if) they were dependent on the deceased, but to the other members of the said family only if they were dependent on the deceased.

The family members of the deceased person are considered to be his or her dependants if the deceased person supported them or they received the deceased person's assistance, which was a permanent and main source of funds for the family members.

Adopted children have the same right to a survivor's pension as the deceased person's real children.

If the above-mentioned family members live in different families previously, each of them shall receive their share of the pension, which is divided (separated) from the total amount of the pension.

The survivor's pension is calculated on the basis of the deceased person's possible old-age pension:

  • for a single child – at a level of 50% of the pension;
  • for two children – at a level of 75% of the pension;
  • for three and more children – at a level of 90% of the pension.

From January 1, 2021, the minimum amount of survivor's pension for each child shall be as follows:

  • up to the age of six years (incl.) – EUR 136.00;
  • from the age of seven years and upwards – EUR 163.00.

For children who have lost both of their parents, the survivor's pension shall be calculated from the possible old-age pension of both the father and the mother.

In order to claim a survivor's pension, the following documents shall be submitted to the State Social Insurance Agency (SSIA):

  • application for granting a pension;
  • death certificate;
  • child's birth certificate;
  • documents regarding the insurance period of the deceased person;
  • documents proving kinship;
  • child's disability document;
  • documents on being in dependency (support) of the deceased person;
  • a statement from the educational institution if the child has reached the age of 18.

Documents for claiming a pension can be submitted to any SSIA department by presenting an identity document.

The pension is granted from the day of the breadwinner's death if the documents are submitted within 6 months of the breadwinner's death.